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Kiton Clothes & Accessories - Sartorial Tailoring

April 01, 2023 2 min read

Kiton Clothes & Accessories

Sartorial tailoring, high-end men fashion from Napoli, Italy.

How can we get excited about a navy sweater or a solid black t-shirts? 

As Kiton does not compromise quality and really likes to make the best product possible, even the "plain" navy sweater becomes an exciting item to have and wear. Kiton offers a 14 micron wool crewneck sweaters and v-neck sweater and a cashmere silk hand dyed sweater. The cashmere/ silk Kiton sweater has great character due to the hand dyed color, the softness of the cashmere silk blend will blow you away.

Tshirt   Sweater

Read more about Kired Kiton cotton t-shirts and polo shirts.

The Kiton solid navy sweater comes in an amazing 14 micron wool, cashmere/silk and 100% cashmere version. To start, the fabrics are exceptional, then you recognize the expertise hand stitched tailoring and the hand dyed color, just amazing, second to none. Most sweater run $1800- $2500.

The black Kired Kiton crêpe cotton t-shirt is also a great showcase of ultimate fabric research and development, the lightweight fabrics. The T-shirt looks great, amazing to wear, good stretch and looks great (on most man) and it sets to your curves. As the Kired line of Kiton still recognizes Italian tailoring traditions, it uses less hand stitched steps to produces their clothes which results in very reasonable prices. The crêpe cotton shirt is special, as often with Kiton using fabrics developed for their own production only.

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Kiton Suits

As most Kiton suits run above $10,000 lately (after a slight better deal in the $8500- $9500 price range until 2022), it is even more important to find a good deal on an amazing Kiton suit. All kiton suits on Tiedeals are very likeable design, classic navy, gray with supple patterns, most are a fancy 14 micron wool, and some are 100 % cashmere. Shop Kiton suits at 75% off.

Suit Kiton


Suit Kiton New


Kiton Belts

Genuine leather belts, K logo belts, made in  Italy. Shop Kiton belts at 60% - 80% off.

Belt Blue Belt



Kiton Swimwear

Colorful Kiton swim shorts, men collection.

Shorts Swim Kiton Shorts Swim Kiton New

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