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Isaia Ties

The Neapolitan artisan tailors of Isaia: Genuine Italian tailoring, sevenfold ties and hand made dress shirts. Isaia uses mostly jacquard silk for their neckties.

Isaia makes regular cut and sevenfold ties. Latest design of sartorial Isaia ties:

Isaia Napoli Tie Pictures

Isaia Neckties Isaia Neckties Stripes New Isaia Neckties

Isaia Tie Isaia Tie New

New Isaia 

Isaia dress shirts and hand made neck ties online. Classic men spread collar and button-down shirts, corduroy shirts, hand made in Italy. Isaia shirts have a hand stitched mouche, buttons, armholes. Isaia is one of the sartorial brands for Napoli. Their emphasize is to make men's fashion by hand using sartorial techniques. Isaia uses a red stitch in the lowest button on the dress shirt, has a logo triangle (mouche) hand stitched and also the buttonholes are hand stitched. Isaia Dress Shirt Sale. Isaia also makes a very nice necktie including tie signature sevenfold tie: Isaia Sevenfold Ties | Isaia Ties Sale.


Isaia Neckties

Silk Isaia Tie  Silk Isaia Ties

 isaia tie sevenfold  isaia

Isaia  New 



Isaia Shirt Sizing

measurements in inches Neck Chest (Armpit-Armpit) Waist Sleeve Length 
15 - 38 15 41 38 33/ 34
15 1/2 - 39 15 1/2 42 39 34/ 35
15 3/4 - 40 15 3/4 44 41 34/ 35
16 - 41 16 46 42 35/ 36
16 1/2 - 42 16 1/2 48 44 36/ 37
17 - 43 17 50 46 36/ 37
17 1/2 - 44 17 1/2 51 47 37
18 - 45 18 52 48 37


Gianluca Isaia is a sartorial brand with a great track record. Brands like Larusmiani, Isaia and Finamore Napoli are some of the top hand made shirts and ties available.


Isaia Shirt Details

As Isaia dress shirt are still hand made in Italy, you can experience the sartorial experience: hand stitched shoulder, buttons, mouche etc.. Also Isaia shirts have a signature red stitch on the lower button of the front of the shirt. The shirt details as shown below makes you appreciate your shirt better, all hand stitched by artisan tailors in Napoli, Italy.



Other sartorial brands from Napoli, Italy:

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Isaia Napoli, the sartorial experience.
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