Special Edition Ties

As most Italian neckties are cut and sewn in a similar way, often with classic prints and jacquard silks, not deviating too much for decades, a smashing "special edition" tie might be a refreshing find!

Special Edition Ties

Both rare version of ties (python/ leather) or less common cuts (square end knitted ties/ reverse design neckwear) as more exclusive sartorial (sevenfold/ elevenfold ties) as pleated silk ties are options.


Pleated Silk Ties

Most known luxury brands are Stefano Ricci and Vitaliano Pancaldi. Even a few rare Zilli pleated silk ties are available. Shop pleated silk ties.

Pleated Silk Tie Pleated Silk Tie New


Sevenfold / Elevenfold Ties

Salvatore Ferragamo is known for the classic novelty tie, many tiny animal prints keep interest a large audience every season. Ferragamo makes sometimes a rare change on the regular: Salvatore Ferragamo unlined sevenfold tie.


Reversible Ties

Top quality Italian craftsmanship, 2 sided ties with different designs, can be reversed, see the reversible ties. Valentino's collection has been offering reverse neckwear in popular colors.



Different Shaped Ties

View a rare curved (bottom) blade of this Zilli tie, also a few swirly pleated silk Zilli ties. View different shaped ties. Also one Kiton tie with fray border might be of your interest.



Unlined Ties

The top Neapolitan brands specializing in men's neckwear, sometimes also offer a unlined necktie, even available as unlined sevenfold tie. A regular tie has wool lining to keep the tie together and keep the shape. The unlined tie, when done right, is a more delicate bu very special tie with sartorial details. The unlined necktie generally is bit lighter, has slightly viewable front stitching of the blade on the bottom of the tie. The delicate, slightly more fragile looking construction, is appreciated as only artisan tailors can make (by hand) such a complex tie. Shop tie unlined necktie.

unlined Unlined Neckwear


Shop luxury neckties above $200!


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