Best Tie Brand In The World

Walking into a Neiman Marcus or Nordstrom might make you assume they carry a lot of the top brand name designer ties, even the best neckties in the world. Would that be correct?



As department stores like to have an assortment of 5-10 brands of ties in various styles and price brackets, this might not always means these are the best neckties in the world. Barney's New York seems to be more selective with having just a couple of styles of one brands as they just want the styles they like and not the whole assortment. However Barney's New York (not in business anymore) brands seem to be more cool, exclusive and hard to find, instead of just being the best (quality).

Note: Many high end sartorial quality necktie makers often use many classic and conservative designs (very similar for decades!).

Popular designer ties with signature designs:

Ferragamo Gucci Valentino

Zilli Sevenfold Tie, Notable Mention For Best Necktie In The World.

The Data: The Best Tie In The World

A brand like Massimo Bizzocchi has been making excellent men ties for decades, many classic and conservative styles, perfect cut, hand sewn in Italy. As the brand 

Massimo Bizzocchi does not has a wide range of products (dress shirts etc) and has no significant brand recognization for the main "mall" consumer, this brand might be discontinued as the department store might consider other options (why not sell the same Burberry novacheck plaid tie (cream-camel) for 10+ years as there is significant demand for it. However let's look at the "professional tie wearer", the person whom wraps a different tie around his neck every working day! (the Burberry and Prada audience often buys one tie for an event (not likely buying the same amount a year as the professional).

Isaia Napoli Sevenfold Necktie


The Best Tie In The World Details

Design: Best Design

Fabrics: Does the silk still look great (especially near the knot) after a year?

Shape: Simple straight cut or bottle shape cut?

Weight: Fancy 50 oz. English silk?

Composition: Regular Cut, 4 Fold, 7 Fold or even 11 Fold? Unlined, self-tipped or regular finish?

Sartorial: Typical hand stitch finishes and detail?

Luxury: Gold Chain logo detail, swarovski crystals?

TiesBest TieTies


The Best Tie Maker In The World

A rough list to get started with, based on quality:

The Best Tie In The World

Barba Napoli, Finamore, Luigi Borrelli Royal Collection, Zilli, Charvet Paris, Brioni, Ermenegildo Zegna Premium (Couture), Stefano Ricci, Massimo Bizzocchi, Kiton.

Designs: when the design of the tie is very important:
Hermes Paris, Leonard Paris, Vitaliano Pancaldi

Shop for some of the best necktie brands in the world:


Best Italian Tie

Expect that 98%+ of top quality men neckties come from Italy. Hermes and Charvet are produced by hand in France, Turnbull and Asser and a few other English brands are produced in England. 

As 25+ brands are made in 4-5 main silk factories in Italy, there are no huge quality differences there. The Zegna, Canali, Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana, Armani, Corneliani, Emilio Pucci, Kenzo, Etro and Leonard Paris have no huge differences. All neckties are hand made and huge high quality silks. Ermenegildo Zegna has the Z Zegna, Ermenegildo Zegna and the Ermenegildo Zegna Couture lines, the last one also called "Premium" (last few years) is a step up and has a more sartorial feel to it.

Zegna Kiton Tom Ford


The word bespoke - hand made to measure - might be a comparable definition for sartorial. The emphasize is on high quality, hand made production of ties, similar to how it was done decades ago. The sartorialist will find their dream destination in Napoli, Italy (and surrounding area). Many smaller production brands produce by hand silk ties, sevenfold ties, unlined ties and more, all very high quality.

The smaller brands include Mattabisch, Finamore, Attolini, also all three known for their excellent hand made dress shirts. Finamore and Cesare Attolini are great choices for an unlined (sevenfold) tie. The light version of a sartorial necktie with limited structure, only made by experienced artisan tailors. A very light stitch detail is visible on the bottom front blade on the tie, the bottom blade often shows a clear hand made finish (not perfectly straight).

In combination with their classic Italian designs, one of these brands could be the best brand in the world for some sartorial neckwear enthusiasts.

Attolini Finamore