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Fancy Men Shirts For Spring/ Summer

May 20, 2023 3 min read

Summer Sport Shirts

With warm/ hot temperatures approaching for the summer months, it is time to get your summer shirts, t-shirts and linen sport shirts ready or shop for some excellent new shirts online. Many situations require a long sleeve shirt vs a short sleeve shirt or a t-shirt. A quality long sleeve buttoned shirt does not have to be a nuisance, as a great quality Italian linen or linen/ cotton shirt could work great in both casual as tropical business attire.

The t-shirt, long sleeve t-shirts and polo shirt

Kired, a kiton brand, has been experimenting and research fabrics for decades. Kired has an excellent crêpe cotton t-shirt available in several color and shirt styles. Shop for discount luxury t-shirts and other casual men shirts, made in Italy.

White Shirt  Tshirt kired Longsleeve Polo Shirt

The Kired crêpe cotton t-shirt, longsleeve shirts and long sleeve polo shirt is feather light, the fabrics are very comfortable, even in warmer temperatures. The solid colored shirts, made in Italy, looked great with almost any color short, a pair of jeans or casual pants. Shop all Kired lightweight t-shirts (incl longsleeve/ polo shirts).


The Sport Shirt

Summer collection sport shirts for men. Many high-end Italian brand sport shirt are made of light weight cotton (compared to classic button-down shirts with year round slightly heavy cotton).  The advantage of staying with cotton fabrics is that the shirt can be worn in a casual situation (tucked in or not) but also serves well when you still have a business meeting at the cafe later in the afternoon.

Cucinelli Shirt Shirt Floral

Shop Brunello Cucinelli Sport Shirts | Kiton Sport Shirt

Even (very) high-end men brand name sport shirt are made outside of Italy, while their dress shirts are still processed to the highest standards in Italy. The sartorial, hand made, shirt makers are mostly in the Napoli area, known for excellent tailoring for decades. These bespoke brands hand tailor every shirt in Italy. 

The classic Italian brands like Canali and Zegna are a great choice for a solid white dress shirt, made in Italy. Canali has every season very limited sport shirts and linen shirt options, however always made in Italy. Ermenegildo Zegna's sport shirts are produced outside of Italy, still good quality, and a pretty broad range of styles and designs.

For a top quality linen men shirt, shop the Kiton and Stefano Ricci shirts in stock at 45% - 65% off.

Shop a great selection of luxury sport shirts, including discounted Brunello Cucinelli, Tom Ford Ford, Borrelli, Kiton, Mattabisch and Stefano Ricci designs. Some designs are button down shirts, khaki western and soft collar options.


Best value dress shirt: Mattabisch Napoli

With reductions of 60%- 75% off retail, the Mattabisch dress shirts, is a great option for a sartorial shirt, hand made in Italy.

 Shop Mattabisch shirts


Best Unpretentious Luxury Sport Shirt: Brunello Cucinelli

Also known for their marvelous cashmere sweaters and total men collection clothes and accessories, the Brunello Cucinelli shirt is a high quality shirt, for many seasons/ years to come. The Brunello Cucinelli collection offers a good range of button down shirts and sport shirts. Be carful with the Cucinelli "leisure fit" as the cut is as tight as their slim fit shirts (many customer would refer 'leisure fit' with a more relaxed fit for summer wear.)



 Shop all luxury men dress shirts at 35% - 75% off.

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