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Fornasetti Ties

April 26, 2023 1 min read

Fornasetti Ties

Neckties like a piece of art, classic Italian paintings projected on a handmade silk necktie. Fornasetti known for signature prints on many items for the home inclduing vases, tableware and more. The relatively new men necktie collection showcases a still life of fruit, Italian council buildings and much more. Most Fornasetti ties run a 9.5cm wide width. As quantities are very limited shop now for the best selection of designer ties:

Fornasetti ties


Whimsical designs, paintings, Italian art: fornasetti.

"Fornasetti creations have the power to transform an ordinary object by elevating it to the level of a multiple of art. Everyday elements capable of combining function and creativity, messengers of a timeless aesthetic that enriches life's moments and spaces with wonder and irony."

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