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Novelty Ties - The Best Brands

March 03, 2023 3 min read

Novelty Ties Tiedeals

The most beautiful novelty silk tie brands in the World

For decades Italian brands launched lines of creative, funny and/or interesting novelty designs on silk ties. Only few have succeeded. The perfect novelty tie is hard to produce, as there is a lot more to it than just printing tiny animals on a piece of silk. The placement of the whimsical element, the size, originality, but also the precision and quality are important to make it a must-have and wanted item, as opposed to just a funny looking tie.

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A good novelty tie looks great from a distance and shows interesting details when  close. When placed right, the tiny animals or elements, sometimes create a striped or patterned design.

Novelty Ties   Tie Ostrich Tie

The most successful novelty ties are made by

Nr. 1 Best Novelty Tie - Salvatore Ferragamo

For decades Salvatore Ferragamo has been designing meticulous and stunning looking novelty silk ties, all hand made in Italy. The Ferragamo tie is a high quality necktie, generates a good looking knot and remains fashionable for years. The Ferragamo novelty tie is among the most wanted ties in the World. Of the Salvatore Ferragamo men collection ties, 98%+ are novelty ties and only a few striped geometric or square end knitted ties. Generally speaking the Ferragamo novelty ties are by far the most popular. Designs range from tiny elephants, ping pong, dogs, umbrellas to rhinos and flamingos.

Ferragamo Brands Novelty Ties

Salvatore Ferragamo novelty ties are around $210 in the USA. Salvatore Ferragamo is one of the best novelty tie brands in the world.

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2. The best "hard to find" novelty tie - Hermes

The most searched after is the Hermes tie, hard to get (available only in the Hermes store) and rarely available at a discount (online). Hermes produces stunning novelty prints, high quality and hand made in France. The Hermes novelty tie retails at $240 in the USA. 

3. Most unique novelty tie - Battistoni

Battistoni is the hidden gem of novelty ties. Battistoni uses a gum twill silk for their novelty ties which feels luscious and fancy (although Ferragamo silk fells more basic, it does make a great knot that stays). The Battistoni men silk tie collection includes both novelty ties and other geometric designs. All Battistoni ties are unique and exclusive; the brand produces a very limited collection and the ties are even harder to find since Barney's New York, (retailer that carried Battistoni in the past) is no longer in business. Sale points for Battistoni are very limited.

The Battistoni novelty tie retails for $280 in the USA, and is available at a huge discount in our online store: shop Battistoni novelty ties.

whimsical ties Ties Battistoni

More novelty ties

These brands are the best in making novelty silk ties, but not the only ones. Tiedeals carries a large selection of novelty silk ties. Check for example our Zegna, Leonard and Bulgari collections for interesting, hand made in Italy designs.

About Tiedeals

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We carry gentlemen fashion accessories like silk neckties, shirts, suits, underwear and leather wallets/ accessories. Our Italian made fashion collection is only available online, but we ship World-wide. If you are looking for the top European clothing brands for men, you are on the right web site, almost all luxury brand name ties and sartorial accessories sold on Tiedeals are made in Italy.

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Also check our sister company ComoMilano for the best and most beautiful Italian made women's silk scarf collection of brands like Ferragamo, Cartier, GucciKenzo and many more.


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