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Additional Zilli Ties added

February 07, 2023 2 min read

Additional Zilli Ties added

New Italian Hand Made Silk Zilli Ties

Zilli ties are always hand-made and of exceptional craftsmanship. Made only in Italy these ties are known for their exquisite silk quality and majestic designs. Zilli makes the World's best ties and we carry a large and unique selection. Recently we added new designs and patterns to our collection. At TieDeals, we offer Zilli ties at 40% to 60% off regular retail prices. Our collection includes wide Zilli neckties of 9 3/4" width instead of the regular 8cm width (seen mostly in 2022/2023).

Important to know:, we have a limited quantity per design (often just 1). 

Zilli tie designs include both single ties, but also offers silk neckties with matching pocket squares.

Check our new single Zilli Neckties here:


Check our new Zilli Neckties & Matching Pocket Square Sets:
Zilli twill silk neckties (mostly wide contruction) with 33x33cm silk pochette. Note the pocket square has often a twist to the tie design, similar socolors and design elements but not an exact copy of the silk print.Zilli Sets

Discounted Zilli Neckties

Our extensive Zilli silk tie collection also includes last year's models at large discounts. Check our Zilli Necktie Sale for large discounts:

Zilli Sale

Shop Zilli sale, save up to 75% off: Zilli < $100

About Tiedeals

For more than 20 years, Tiedeals has been providing one of the largest online collection of Italian made designs for fashion-minded gentlemen, that appreciate high quality fabrics and classic Italian designs. All our clothes and accessories are Made in Italy and of the best and highest quality available. All brands are directly imported from Italy and 100% authentic. Our collection includes brands like Kiton, Cesare Attolini, Tom Ford, Isaia, Zilli, Luigi Borrelli, and more… 

We carry gentlemen fashion accessories like silk neckties, shirts, suits, underwear and leather wallets/ accessories. Our Italian made fashion collection is only available online, but we ship World-wide. If you are looking for the top European clothing brands for men, you are on the right web site, almost all luxury brand name ties and accessories sold on Tiedeals are made in Italy.

Shop the most exclusive men fashion brands, including the most expensive Italian clothing brands.

Also check our sister company ComoMilano for the best and most beautiful Italian made women's silk scarf collection of brands like Ferragamo, Cartier, GucciKenzo and many more.

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