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Kiton Napoli has been one of the top sartorial quality brands for decades. The very high-end (and pretty expensive) hand made men suits, dress shirts and sevenfold ties are loved by sartorial fashionistas from all over the world: Dubai, Tokyo, Beverly Hills and London. Kiton suits, ties and shirt are the very best available in the world. Enjoy sartorial elegance with the latest classic Italian Kiton shirts or shop for a unique Kiton sevenfold necktie at 35% - 65% off.

Kiton Ties - Sartorial Sevenfold Neckwear

Silk Tie Kiton Polka Dots 


Kiton Clothes  Silk Tie  

Kiton Sevenfold Tie Kiton Sevenfold Tie Medallion Sevenfold Ties

Shop Kiton ties. Discount Kiton sevenfold ties, self tipped, luxury printed silk, hand made in Napoli, Italy.


Kiton Pocket Squares

Every season Kiton produces an abundant selection of silk pocket squares. The Kiton pocket squares come in many interesting designs and color combinations, including some solid white pochette in cotton and some two sided squares.

Kiton Hankie Kiton

Silk Pocket Squares Kiton

Kiton Dress Shirts

Sartorial dress shirts and sport shirts.

Sale Kiton Shirts Kiton

Shop Kiton shirts, genuine Kiton men collection, sartorial hand made - 21 steps - in Napoli, Italy. Popular white and blue Kiton dress shirts, spread collar and button cuffs.

New Discount Kiton Swimwear

Both classic and whimsical design men swimwear by Kiton. Shop the top quality Italian Kiton swimwear.

Kiton Swimwear Kiton


New Kiton Hats/ Soft Caps

Stylish men hats, Kiton gatsby caps, sophisticated baseball hats, mail boy caps in linen and cashmere blends. Kiton men accessories hand made in Italy, sartorial quality. Shop discount Kiton hats/ caps.

Hat Hat kiton

New Kiton Ties

The latest designs Kiton sevenfold neckties, sartorial, hand made in Italy.

Kiton Tie Sevenfold Kiton Tie Sevenfold Lime Stripes


The Ultimate Kiton Cardigan

Argyle design in gray black, luxury cashmere, full button shawl collar men cardigan, hand made in Italy.

Cashmere Sweater


Kiton's main line is 'Kiton', with KNT and KIRED as alternative Kiton collections. KNT is focused on urbandwear at its' finest, and KIRED the more affordable alternative (but you still get a special piece of garment).


KNT Kiton

KNT is the acronym of Kiton New Textures, is the active wear collection created in Italy by twins brothers De Matteis, the third generation of the Kiton family.
similar to the main Kiton collection, the KNT collection did an obsessive research into new fabrics, the KNT Kiton collection incorporates the highly esteemed tailoring knowledge for which Kiton is renowned the world over, combined with modern cuts and nonchalant structures that are focused on urban architecture and metropolitan culture. 

KNT brings loungewear and active wear for men to a new level.


Kiton Ties - Sevenfold

Kiton ties

Ties Kiton


Kiton Ties

Kiton Suits/ Sport Coats

More Kiton blazers, cashmere, cashmere/silk/ linen adn even some very luxury vicuna/ guanaco sport coats. More details Kiton suits and blazers.

Kiton Blazer Suit Kiton

Shop Kiton Suits | Kiton Blazers

New Blazer New Blazer Cashmere

Kiton Suits

Kiton Pocket Squares

Twill silk Kiton pochette, hand stitched borders, colorful designs, some wool (blend) pocket squares available too. The Kiton pocket square hand hand stitched edges. Shop Kiton pocket squares | Kiton ties.



Shop Kiton pocket squares


Kiton Scarves - Linen & Cashmere shawls

Cashmere Kiton Scarves

Kiton Scarf Kiton Scarf Paisley

Shop Kiton Scarves Sale


Cashmere Kiton Scarf Kiton Scarf Floral

Scarves Kiton

Linen Kiton Scarves

New linen/ cashmere linen men scarves and shawls, Kiton! Great linen blend Kiton shawls for spring summer at 60% off!





Scarf Kiton Scarf



Shop Kiton scarves


Shirt Hankie Tie Kiton

Shop Kiton clothes and accessories.


Kiton Belts

Genuine Kiton belts, men collection, hand made in Italy. Classic black/ brown solid belts and K logo belts in several colors.

Belts Kiton K Belt Kiton



Kiton Dress Shirts

Just arrived from Italy. Hand made classic dress shirt for your professional outfit and leisure. Stunning quality, amazing fit.

Blue Dress Shirt  Shirt


Kiton Ties - Sevenfold


Kiton  Kiton

The Kiton sevenfold tie is probably the best tie out there - best tie in the world?

Kiton Ties



Kiton Sweaters

Ultimate quality of cashmere, wool and cashmere silk crewneck sweaters, v-neck sweaters and cardigans, Kiton men collection.

Sweater Cashmere Sweater Cashmere Kiton

Shop cashmere Kiton sweaters.


 kiton Pocket Squares

Kiton clothes and accessories are expensive, as the company still produces their products by hand similar to artisan tailors did decades ago.

Kiton Hankie Belts https://tiedeals.com/collections/kiton/scarf

The Kiton tie is always a sevenfold tie, hand made, with many printed silk designs, all unique, in many colors, just a refreshing look depending on the mood you are in when picking your tie.

The Kiton dress shirt is hand made, mostly cotton, some silk and cashmere blends available, fits great, generally speaking it fits a regular to slimmer body type best. The hand stitched armholes make for a great silhouette, slightly smaller than the average shirt.

Shop Kiton Clothes Online

Kiton Napoli  Kiton Napoli Tie  

Kiton New Kiton Napoli New Sevenfold Tie

Shop Kiton





Kiton Blazer/ Kiton Suits

New arrivals, cashmere/ silk and 14 Micron wool Kiton suits, including vicuna and guanaco cashmere sport coats.

New Sport Coat Kiton


Kiton Sweaters

Very luxurious, hand stitched cashmere/ silk crewneck and v-neck sweaters by Kiton.


Kiton sweaters are (also) hand made in Italy.


Kiton Bags

Ultimate luxury carry-on bags, travel bags and briefcases.


Kiton Belts

Genuine Kiton men belts, leather, crocodile leather in many colors. Hand made in Italy.

  Kiton  Belt


Shop Kiton Belts 

New fall/ winter collection Kiton ties added. Pictures of genuine Kiton sevenfold neckties.

 Kiton Kiton Sevenfold


Summer Kiton 



Kiton Neckties - Fall/ Winter Collection

New Kiton designs, cashmere and wool silk sevenfold neckties.

  Winter Tie


 kiton ties Ties 

More Designs Added: Kiton Sevenfold Ties



NEW: Shop Now

Kiton Scarves 60% - 70% off

Cashmere Kiton scarves and cashmere silk Kiton scarves added!

Kiton Scarf Kiton KitonScarves Kiton New 


Kiton Neckties

New Kiton neck ties, jacquard silk sevenfold ties, hand made in Napoli, Italy. Kiton only produces sevenfold ties, most run 8cm/ 3.15" - 9cm/ 3.6" width. Shop Kiton ties online at 40% - 70% of retail. Shop Kiton Ties.

Kiton Ties Kiton

Shop Kiton Ties

New, -hard to find-, Kiton suits and Kiton Sportcoats added at 75% off retail!: Excellent cashmere and linen/wool blend fabrics including some 14 micron wool, Blanc Blu Super 150's suits and a Kiton vicuna cashmere sportcoat.

Kiton has store in Las Vegas, New York, Miami, Houston, San Francisco and Houston, and many international locations. Shop Now:

Kiton Shop Kiton suits Kiton cipa 1960


Kiton Suits & Kiton Sport Coats 70% - 80% Off
Read more: Kiton Suits & Kiton Sport Coats


Kiton clothes:


Kiton Ties

All Kiton ties are sevenfold ties and are made one-by-one in Napoli, Italy. Designs are available in a very wide range in very small quantities however. The Kiton tie designs are unique and have avery wide range of colors and designs: from orange diamond design, large pink paisley and distinctive geometric designs in navy. The Kiton tie (as all Kiton ties are 7 fold ties) are pretty thick silk which makes a firm knot. Mattabisch Napoli is a company owned by Kiton which makes great regular cut neckties at approximately 30% lower prices. Kiton ties have a very wide range of styles and color and are all sevenfold, compared to Luigi Borrelli whom makes classic fold, sevenfold and even eleven fold ties. Discount Kiton ties in stock: Kiton Ties.



 Kiton Tie Kiton Ties Kiton Tie New

Kiton Sweaters

Kiton Sweater Jemala WoolKiton uses the finest raw fabrics for their sweaters, v-neck sweaters and cardigans. The Kiton sweater comes in 100% cashmere or 80% cashmere and 20% silk blend (some other variations are rare) and the famous 14 Micron Jemala wool. The 3 button (polo) sweaters comes with a button cuff, some have regular cuffs. Kiton cashmere sweaters retail roughly at $1200- $2400. Get a Kiton sweater and appreciate the bespoke hand stitching and amazing fabrics at 60% off: new styles added: Kiton Sweaters: the 14 Micron Jemala wool is one of the most finest wool fabrics available: The wool sweaters is very soft and lightweight, The Kiton 14 Micron Jemala wool fabric is very fine.

More cashmere crew neck sweaters and cashmere silk button sweaters added, lots of size M and L. Save up to $1600 off.

Kiton Sweater Kiton Men Sweater Cotton


Kiton Shirts

Kiton has a wide range of men dress shirts and sport shirts. One part of the collection seems more classic: white/ white-navy striped dress shirts, and one part seems more innovative and "colorful" designs: think: lime orange plaid shirt, or coral pink striped shirt with french cuffs. Kiton shirts are hand made in Napoli, Italy. The higher-end Kiton dress shirt retail at $895 (22 hand stitched elements). Get a Kiton shirt at a low outlet price now, first quality only. View all discount kiton shirts.

Kiton shirt  



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Shop Kiton Clothes Online


Kiton Shirt Sizing

Note: like most sartorial/ bespoke brands from Napoli, the sleeves run pretty long, no short sleeve sizes available with Kiton. Sartorial Italian dress shirt even as regular cut run close to a modern cut, and a slim fit is really slim fit. Compared to other bespoke brands from Napoli, Kiton sizing is very similar.

Details about Kiton Shirt Sizing/ Fit


Kiton Dress Shirt Details: Sartorial Hand Stitched Details

Inside Collar - Back Collar Panel - Cuffs Stitch - Mouche, Bottom Sides - Hand Stitched Armholes

Read more details about how a Kiton shirt is made: Kiton Dress Shirt Details


SuitsKiton Suits

Buying a Kiton suit means: bespoke/ sartorial, the best men suit available. Most Kiton suits take 25+ hours of labor, with more than 45 tailors contributing to each suit. Kiton uses the best wool which feels great and also looks great after a long business trip. Note: the finer Super 150's and higher are more luxurious and finer which would be better to wear to a party/ event. Kiton suits are made with sleeve buttons attached or without buttons (can be added by tailor). The Kiton suit has a classic Italian cut (slim cut). Kiton special quality suits are the Kiton Blanc Blu and Kiton Diamante Blu suits which feature Super 150's wool and Super 200's wool, including 13.5 micron and 14 micron fabrics exclusive to Kiton. View all discount Kiton suits in stock at 50%-70% off. Kiton men suits are hand made in Italy.


Kiton suit Kiton Suits


Kiton Sport Coats

Kiton sport coats are made of the finest natural fabrics, including cashmere/ linen/ wool/ silk and even vicuna. The summer collection Kiton jackets also come in a linen/cashmere blend and cotton.

More about Kiton suits and sport coats, including vicuna and cashmere/ silk blazers adn 13.5 micron suits.


Harder to find is the very unique cashmere/vicuna blend sport jacket (sells at approx. $11,000 retail) which Tiedeals has one in stock: Kiton Sportcoat Vicuna. Kiton sport coats have a 3rd rolling button, a 3 button jacket where the top button is "hidden". View all Kiton sport coats.


Sport Coat Blazer Kiton Kiton

Sport Coat Kiton Suit New

 More about Kiton suits and Kiton sport coats | Kiton winter coats


Kiton Scarves

Top quality, Italian scarves, unique weaves, expert tailoring, silk and cashmere Kiton scarves with classic patterns.

Kiton Scarf KitonScarves Kiton 




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