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Luigi Borrelli

Luigi Borrelli Napoli

The Luigi Borrelli tie has been a popular choice by the sartorialist and Neapolitan tailoring fanatic. A typical Italian tie with classic designs, made of fancy jacquard Italian silk, available in a regular cut and unlined and sevenfold version. In a rare occasion the Luigi Borrelli elevenfold tie might be available (of the Royal Collection).

Luigi Borrelli Ties

Genuine Borreli neckties, sartorial quality, hand cut, hand stitched by artisan seamstress/ tailors.



Borrelli Neckties

Most Borrelli ties have classic Italian prints. See the latest designs here:

Tie Borrelli Tie Borrelli New


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Silk Tie Borrelli Silk Tie Borrelli Navy

Luigi Borrelli Pocket Squares

Discount Borrelli hankies, silk and some wool/ cashmere pocket dsquares with hand stitched borders, sartorial quality.

Pocket Squares Borrelli Genuine Pocket Squares Borrelli Luigi Borrelli Pocket Square Blue Polka Dots

 Luigi Borrelli Linen Pocket Square Navy Red Paisley


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Luigi Borrelli Dress Shirts, Sartorial

Genuine hand made men dress shirts, sartorial quality dress shirts. Experience the perfect cut shirt, pick from many classic striped/ solid and check designs, many available with spread collar in most sizes. The Borrelli shirt goes through eight hand made steps, sartorial tailoring.

 Borrelli Shirt Borrelli Shirt  Blue

 Genuine Borrelli Shirts


Shirts Shirt New Shirt Bespoke

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Luigi Borrelli Neckties, Sartorial

Borrelli Ties Borrelli Ties New

Borrelli Ties Geometric Shop Borrelli Ties

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Classic Italian fashion, men accessories: Luigi Borrelli ties:

Borrelli Borrelli Paisley Borrelli Stripes Tie

Luigi Borrelli 2020/ 2021 designs:

Borrelli   Borrelli Sale   



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luigi borrelli

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Check out the Luigi Borrelli shirt size chart.


The 'Luigi Borrelli Royal Collection' is the high end line of Borrelli, often only to be found in Luigi Borrelli stores.

Luigi Borrelli Dress Shirts, Sartorial

shirt Italian Shirts Classic Shirt


Luigi Borrelli Sport Coats/ Suits

Borrelli suits, sport coats and jackets are hand made in Italy. The Borrelli suit is fully cut and hand-sewn, and take 30 hours of workmanship by skill skilled Neapolitan tailors. The Luigi Borrelli suits are made with a selection of fine wool, silk and cashmere, and a Bemberg lining (note: many sport coats are unlined).

suits Suits Borrelli Shop

New Luigi Borrelli suits added! Luigi Borrelli Royal Collection suits at 70% off. Read more about Luigi Borrelli suits and sport coats.


Suits Borrelli Sport Coat Blazer Suits

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Luigi Borrelli: Silk Neckties

Jacquard silk and twill (printed) silk Luigi Borrelli ties:

Luigi Borrelli Luigi Borrelli 

Silk Tie Borrelli




Luigi Borrelli: Linen/ Cotton Neckties

 Luigi Borrelli Ties, Linen Cotton Blend Ties, Summer Designs

Shop Borrelli Ties Linen Blend, for a sartorial look for the summer months.

Summer Collection Borrelli

Luigi Borrelli Ties, Linen/Cotton Blend Ties, Summer Collection

Luigi Borrelli: Wool/ Cashmere Neckties

Luigi Borrelli produces both silk, wool and cashmere (blend) ties for their fall/ winter collection neckwear. Many man prefer jacquard silk for their professional outfit. However a cashmere/ wool tie would not always misrepresent a professional look when done well. The classic designs of Borrelli make a wool medallion or cashmere paisley design a great addition to a classic and professional look.

Winter Borrelli
Luigi Borrelli Fall/ Winter Collection

New Luigi Borrelli Royal Collection:



BorrelliLuigi Borrelli is a high-end men's clothing manufacturer from Napoli, Italy. After his mother taught Luigi Borrelli the trade for years, Luigi Borrelli founded the 'Luigi Borrelli' company in 1957. Luigi Borrelli has been all about sartorial hand made details: hand stitched armholes, hand finished collars on the shirts, hand made sevenfold ties and hand made suits. 

Luigi Borrelli ties are available in a classic fold, and sevenfold necktie. Luigi Borrelli ties are also available (very exclusive) in the Luigi Borrelli Royal Collection. Most neckties are jacquard silk, some 100% cashmere, and in the winter some wool/cashmere blends are available. 

Royal Collection - Borrelli

In the summer we see more cotton/silk ties (mostly jacquard silk). Linen/cotton scarves and modal/linen/silk scarves with dots, paisleys and solids are found in the spring/summer collections. Luxurious Luigi Borrelli cashmere and cashmere blend scarves are in the autumn/ winter collections. The last seasons, Borrelli and several other brands use many blends with modal, which is a popular fabric, very soft.

Shirt Borrelli Shirts 

Borrelli New Dress Shirts Shirt White Brown

Luigi Borrelli shirts are available in the  dress shirt, which can be made with 32 different collars and lots of different (most cotton) fabrics. The sport shirt is the more relaxed version of the Luigi Borrelli men shirt: Luigi Borrelli Luxury Vintage.

Hand made: The eight passages done by hand, and allow a shirt to take a very special fit, in all its parts: The armholes, the collar, the shoulder, the mouche ,the embroidery at the sleeve vent, the button hole, the button with the old hen’s foot, and the box pleat.

Shop for genuine Luigi Borrelli clothes like you would do visiting a store in Beverly Hills, Atlanta, Chicago. Tiedeals offers concierge quality service. Other sartorial brands available are: KitonBarba NapoliMattabisch NapoliBattisti NapoliIsaia.

Luigi Borrelli is a sartorial quality men clothing brand from Napoli, Italy. For generations Luigi Borrelli has focused on innovative, yet classic design hand made silk sevenfold ties, men dress shirts and suits.

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Luigi Borrelli Pants & Jeans

Luigi Borrell has a great selection of classic hand made jeans, mostly slim fit, and dress pants, 5 pockets pants in many colors. The Luigi Borrelli jeans are available in a lighter summer fabric and a regular all year cotton fabric, the cut is slim fit.

Jeans Jeans


Luigi Borrelli Suits & Sport Coats

Genuine Borrelli suits and sport coats/ blazers!


Tiedeals also has a great selection of the Luigi Borrelli Royal Collection ties and dress shirts. Royal Collection is the high end line of Luigi Borrelli Napoli:

Luigi Borrelli Royal Collection


Luigi Borrelli scarves including 'Luigi Borrelli Royal Collection' at 50% - 60% Off. Classic sartorial men fashion from Italy.


Luigi Borrelli Ties

Luigi Borrelli ties are hand stitched, hand cut and finished by hand. A selection of the most exclusive fabrics and the following four production steps:

Each tie is hand cut and, in order to give the pattern a perfect centering, each cut is carefully controlled.

Closing and Sewing
A first closing of the tie is made with pins. This allows a special precision. Later, the necktie is hand sewn, with long steps, to give it springiness.

The final touch, these two green hand stitched tabs represent the seal.


Luigi Borrelli ties are available in classic fold, sevenfold and 11 fold ties. Luigi Borrelli styles are , generally speaking, classic and timeless. Look at Kiton for a very wide range of colors and styles sevenfold ties. Borrelli ties are also available in the Royal Collection.


Luigi Borrelli Ties


Luigi Borrelli Shirt

Luigi Borrelli Shirt (also available in Royal Collection, Luxury Vintage and Super Sakellaridis Exclusive) has several hand sewn elements:

The Collar
Luigi Borrelli only trust the best embroideresses to hand stitch the collar of the dress shirt.

The Yoke
The fitting comfort of the shirt depends on the fitting of the shoulders. The yoke is hand stitched for a comfortable fit.

The Gusset
The gusset (Mouche) is the triangle on the bottom of the shirt connecting the front and back. The gusset is hand stitched to be more resistant.

The Sleeve Gauntlet
This is the tab that closes the sleeve vent. This makes the Borrelli shirt unique as this is also hand stitched.

The Button Hole
The Luigi Borrelli shirts' buttonholes are hand stitched to make them resistant and flexible.

The Button
The Neapolitan three point stitch is used to show Borrelli's sartorial heritage, it looks beautiful and is functional.

The Cannoncino
The bottom part of the front placket is entirely hand stitched, which makes ironing easier.


Hand made: The eight steps done by hand, and allow a shirt to take a very special fit, in all its parts: The armholes, the collar, the shoulder, the mouche ,the embroidery at the sleeve vent, the button hole, the button with the old hen’s foot, and the box pleat.

Luigi Borrelli Shirts

Original Luigi Borrelli designs, cotton men dress shirts with classic Italian prints.

Borrelli Dress Shirts    Borrelli Dress Shirts Genuine  

Borrelli Dress Shirts New

Borrelli Dress Shirts Detail   Luigi Borrelli Dress Shirts Detail  

Borrelli Dress Shirts Details

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Luigi Borrelli Shirt Sizing: Regular Fit
Luigi Borrelli and Luigi Borrelli Royal Collection Dress Shirts


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