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Luigi Borrelli Suits & Sport Coats

Luigi Borrelli makes a sartorial hand-stitched sport coat and suit for men. The hand made suit takes 30 hours to complete. Luigi Borrelli uses their Royal Collection and regular Luigi Borrelli collection for the suits. The Luigi Borrelli Royal Collection suits (high-end line) is mostly found at Luigi Borrelli stores only.

The Luigi Borrelli silhouette is slightly slim but regular, slim fit suits are also available. The jacket will fit nicely near the armhole section and has a good cut for best fit. The Luigi Borrelli (suit) pants are hand made and come with both zip and button closure, regular to slightly slimmer cut with a slight low rise.

Luigi Borrelli Suits

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Luigi Borrelli Sport Coats

Shop for 70% off genuine Luigi Borrelli sport coats, available in linen/ wool blends, cashmere, wool/ cashmere blends.

Borrelli Sport Coat Jacket


Luigi Borrelli Suits Separates, Blazers, Jeans and Trousers

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