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Kiton Suits & Kiton Sport Coats

The ultimate suit is the Kiton suit. Purchased by presidents, sheiks, CEO's and other people who like very high quality men suits and have the money to afford it. Kiton makes their suits completely by hand in Napoli, Italy. The fine tailoring makes sure the suit will fit as a glove, and Kiton uses the most precious fabrics available, including Kiton exclusive Vicuna and 11 Micron wool fabrics.

Kiton Sport Coats

The Kiton men collection sport coats/ blazers, including cashmere blend and vicuña and guanaco blazers, very exclusive. Kiton uses often a Super 180's wool for their suits ( 14 Micron ), and goes all the way with the sport coats, which includes fancy linen/ cashmere/ silk blends for spring/ summer and cashmere blend blazers for fall/ winter.

Kiton Sport Coat


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The creme de la creme of Kiton are the same suit and jacket with 20-30 hours of artisanal labour, but with the very best and luxurious exclusive Kiton fabrics (blend) of Vicuña Peru, Vicuña Bolivia and Guanaco Argentina wool/ cashmere fabrics.


Kiton Sport Coats 

Latest designs, 14 Micron wool Kiton suits, Vicuña and Guanaco wool/ cashmere sport coats/ blazers.


Kiton Suits Kiton sportcoats 

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Kiton Suits

Genuine kiton suits, super 180's 14 micron wool, hand made in Napoli, Italy.


New designs added, Kiton cashmere sport coats, 2 button wool blazers, tuxedo evening wear sport jackets, kiton, Cipa 1960 by Kiton and sport coats. Kiton Lasa. All Kiton clothes are available in limited sizes and quantity, but you can't beat he prices at 65% - 75% off retail!

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 sport coat Kiton sport coat Kiton Tuxedo

How to find a deal on a Kiton suit? The Internet. As some clients from Kiton can not complete their payment the suit becomes available for off-price wholesale buyers. In some cases stores and/ or Kiton have limited overstock of Kiton suits and Kiton blazers which will sell at discount prices. Note: as most Kiton suits are "su misura" (custom made), there is not much overstock available (especially compared to some other brands which mass produce).

Kiton Suits Final Sale

As we have to move on, having some excellent Kiton sportcoats and Kiton suits online for several months, the last Kiton suits and Kiton blazers have to go at 76%- 81% off retail, and no sales and free shipping and returns (yes free returns on final sale items!).

Kiton Suits

The Kiton suit, hand made in Italy, comes with a $8000- $11000 price tag (some suits are even more expensive). Kiton uses some of their own (unique Kiton fabrics) 13.5/ 14 micron wool fabrics or luxurious linen/ cashmere/ silk blend for the summer collection. Shop Kiton Suits at 65% - 78% off.

Kiton has several fancy "Kiton" fabrics which are very luxurious:

  • Blanc Blu Super 150's Wool
  • Diamante Blue Super 180's Wool
  • 14 Micron Superfine Wool


Kiton Cipa  Kiton Suits New Kiton Wool Suits

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Kiton Sport Coats

The Kiton sport coat is available in cashmere for autumn/ winter and linen/ silk, cotton and light wool blends for the spring/ summer collection. The Kiton sport coat comes with buttonless or button cuffs. Most Kiton sport coats are partial lined.

More Kiton blazers and sport coats further reduced (save up to 80% off retail):

Kiton Sport Coat  Kiton Napoli Blazer Kiton Napoli

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Kiton does not make a suit or sport coat for the masses, it uses the very best fabrics and has artisan tailors hand stitch the whole garment. Making a suit by hand, means (hourly wages in Italy are pretty high for artisan tailors) this is going to reflect in the price tag. The Kiton sport coat are available in cashmere, cashmere/ linen/ silk blends and other fancy (often exclusive to Kiton) fabrics.

Kiton Sport Coats 

Genuine Kiton Sport Coats Pictures

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Kiton Suits 

Genuine Kiton Suits Pictures Including Cipa 1960 Collection.

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 Kiton Suits Kiton Suits Cipa 1960