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The Kiton shirt is a special piece of garment, completely hand made in Italy. Kiton Napoli men dress shirts take more than 6 hours to make by hand. Bespoke men shirts. All Kiton shirts are hand made in Napoli, Italy.

See the detailed steps to create a unique Kiton men dress shirt:

Kiton Shirt Collar    
Inside Collar - Back Collar Panel - Cuffs Stitch - Mouche, Bottom Sides - Hand Stitched Armholes


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Collar Loop
Kiton Shirt, Inside Collar: Loop to hang your shirt, a unique Kiton detail, however not used for every shirt, but mostly in the Kiton sport shirt. (more current Kiton collection do not have the loop).


Collar Panel
Kiton uses a panel of Panamaweave cotton at the back underside of the collar. The panel maintains the collar's shape and keeps it from shrinking. The elegant curve is created by the seamstress, who turns the material over her knee as she sews it on.


The Mouche
This triangular piece of fabric is sewn in by hand at the bottom of the side seams of each Kiton shirt. It covers up the thread ends and allows the shirt to move with the body.

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