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Best Bespoke Holiday Gifts For Men

Some men do not agree with a "regular" Gucci or Armani tie, dress shirts or cufflinks. After years of wearing Italian ties and high end dress shirts they appreciate the very exclusive "bespoke" (also named sartorial) quality shirts and ties. The bespoke tie is hand cut, hand stitched, made with fancy jacquard silk (Italian or English). The dress shirt has several hand stitched elements which make the shirt special and more comfortable to wear (hand stitched armholes are helpful). Italian bespoke brands are Borrelli, Kiton, Brioni, Barba, Mattabisch, Sartorio, Ermenegildo Zegna Couture, Zilli (France), Turnbull & Asser (England). Shop for an excellent sevenfold tie with gift box, exceptional Kiton cashmere coats, and Zilli hand made dress shirts at 40% - 65% off retail:

Sevenfold Ties | Zilli Dress Shirts 55% Off | Kiton Cashmere Coats

Written by Tiedeals Designer Ties — December 09, 2016

Great Gift Gucci Ties & Gucci Scarves

Gucci ties are at up to 50% off retail. As there are very limited places selling Gucci ties, this will be a unique gift. Styles are classic and signature GG pattern prints. The Gucci scarves are signature designs in brown/ gray and charcoal gray black. Gucci scarves and neckties are made in Italy.

Shop Gucci

Scarves Gucci

Written by Tiedeals Designer Ties — December 06, 2016

Agnona Cashmere Scarves 75% Off

Agnona has been a dominant brand manufacutering very fine/ precious cashmere fabrics. Agnona fabrics are used for women scarves and accessories, and also men scarves. Ermenegildo Zegna was impressed with the very delicate and ultra soft fabrics Agnona was produced a decade ago, and purchased Agnona. Agnona is part of the Ermenegildo Zegna group.



Compare Agnona cashmere scarves, cashmere blend scarves to brands like Ermenegildo Zegna Couture, Borrelli, Kiton. The quality of Agnona surpasses the cashmere fabrics of Hermes, Burberry and Alexander McQueen. If you want quality get Agnona, shop now for excellent styles:

Agnona Scarves Men Collection 75% Off

Written by Tiedeals Designer Ties — October 13, 2016

Burberry Check Ties - Bestsellers At 30% Off

For the very popular camel/ beige giant check Manston design Burberry tie, we see very limited sales or reductions, as the tie sells well at full price. Some Burberry giant check ties in various colors are available at 30% off. New and more quantities added, shop new for the best selection Burberry ties at outlet prices. Burberry ties runs 70mm/ 2.7%" width (narrow), some wide 9cm/ 3.5" Burberry ties are available at 45% - 65% off retail.

Burberry Check Tie  Burberry Check Tie Burberry Tie

Burberry Check Tie Burberry Check Tie Light Blue Burberry Check Tie

Written by Tiedeals Designer Ties — September 14, 2016

Leonard Paris - Stunning Colors

Leonard Paris is known for two kind of fabulous ties for men, the novelty collection and the couture fashion line ties. 

The Leonard novelty tie is printed on very fancy silk using a unique high count color printer, which result in beautiful colors. The Leonard Paris designs range from elephants at the circus to scarecrows on fuchsia silk and goose on aqua printed silk.

Leonard Leonard Feather Print New

The Leonard fashion line showcases season after season large floral prints. Multiple designs in black with cream and gray flowers, aqua blue floral with pink birds and black silver jewelry prints.

Leonard Fashion Line Leonard Fashion Line Ties Leonard Fashion Line Men

Shop for Leonard ties and Leonard bow ties.

Bow Floral

Written by Tiedeals Designer Ties — August 17, 2016

Brioni - New Branding

Does Brioni need a make over with a new logo and a new ad campaign including Metallica band member all over. Personally, seeing the "new" ad it did not blow me away. Often you like to identify with the ad and want the same what they want to look the same. however I have to let grow my hair for 18 months and spend several visit to the tattoo parlour to get that image, if I would like it.

Brioni June 2016 Logo MetallicaBrioni has been putting $6000+ suit on President Obama, Kofi Annan, several James Bond movie stars, and it seems Donald Trump has more than one solid pink Brioni tie in his closet (or he is wearing it).

Some brands have tapped into a "sub" market with a red label, black label, green label or other differentiation. To name a few: Versace Jeans, Armani Collezioni, Cipa 1960 (Kiton), Z Zegna and even Missoni for Target (US market remember?: crashed Target website). In this case, Brioni rebrands Brioni, scary!


Brioni has been making a great suit, beautiful dress shirt and winning design silk ties. Especially the Brioni ties seem to keep come back every season with very interesting designs (some comparable brands fell asleep for a couple of years it seems sometimes, pretty much offer similar styles for more than a decade).

Brioni - New Branding Good Or Bad?

I have not spend months of intense research like the Brioni marketing team but: My first instinct is: No good, summarized: cutting into a "different audience" in this case might also draw away existing customers to other brands where they might more comfortable with or will identify with more. Especially since Brioni prices have gone up, very close to sartorial quality competitors like Luigi Borrelli and Kiton.

Another note is that, I think, the ad campaign looks more like dressed up thing instead of seeing some guys feel very comfortable and self conscious. Still love their music though!.


Shop for the same old Brioni (and it is nice!).

Written by Tiedeals Designer Ties — August 09, 2016