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Elevenfold Ties At 50% Off

The sevenfold tie is often made in the area around Napoli, Italy. Going generations back to traditions and quality of and stitching jacquard silk ties. The sevenfold tie uses roughly double the silk as a regular tie. Luigi Monaco makes a even thicker 11 fold (elevenfold tie), using fancy jacquard silk, and using a contrast stitch to emphasize the sartorial quality of the 11 fold tie:

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Elevenfold Ties

Written by Tiedeals Designer Ties — January 04, 2017


Pick up  some great merchandise at further reduced prices, including cashmere Agnona scarves under $100, Kiton winter coats at 71% off, Zegna silk and cashmere ties at 60% off.


Written by Tiedeals Designer Ties — December 29, 2016

Best Bespoke Holiday Gifts For Men

Some men do not agree with a "regular" Gucci or Armani tie, dress shirts or cufflinks. After years of wearing Italian ties and high end dress shirts they appreciate the very exclusive "bespoke" (also named sartorial) quality shirts and ties. The bespoke tie is hand cut, hand stitched, made with fancy jacquard silk (Italian or English). The dress shirt has several hand stitched elements which make the shirt special and more comfortable to wear (hand stitched armholes are helpful). Italian bespoke brands are Borrelli, Kiton, Brioni, Barba, Mattabisch, Sartorio, Ermenegildo Zegna Couture, Zilli (France), Turnbull & Asser (England). Shop for an excellent sevenfold tie with gift box, exceptional Kiton cashmere coats, and Zilli hand made dress shirts at 40% - 65% off retail:

Sevenfold Ties | Zilli Dress Shirts 55% Off | Kiton Cashmere Coats

Written by Tiedeals Designer Ties — December 09, 2016

Great Gift Gucci Ties & Gucci Scarves

Gucci ties are at up to 50% off retail. As there are very limited places selling Gucci ties, this will be a unique gift. Styles are classic and signature GG pattern prints. The Gucci scarves are signature designs in brown/ gray and charcoal gray black. Gucci scarves and neckties are made in Italy.

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Scarves Gucci

Written by Tiedeals Designer Ties — December 06, 2016

Agnona Cashmere Scarves 75% Off

Agnona has been a dominant brand manufacutering very fine/ precious cashmere fabrics. Agnona fabrics are used for women scarves and accessories, and also men scarves. Ermenegildo Zegna was impressed with the very delicate and ultra soft fabrics Agnona was produced a decade ago, and purchased Agnona. Agnona is part of the Ermenegildo Zegna group.



Compare Agnona cashmere scarves, cashmere blend scarves to brands like Ermenegildo Zegna Couture, Borrelli, Kiton. The quality of Agnona surpasses the cashmere fabrics of Hermes, Burberry and Alexander McQueen. If you want quality get Agnona, shop now for excellent styles:

Agnona Scarves Men Collection 75% Off

Written by Tiedeals Designer Ties — October 13, 2016

Burberry Check Ties - Bestsellers At 30% Off

For the very popular camel/ beige giant check Manston design Burberry tie, we see very limited sales or reductions, as the tie sells well at full price. Some Burberry giant check ties in various colors are available at 30% off. New and more quantities added, shop new for the best selection Burberry ties at outlet prices. Burberry ties runs 70mm/ 2.7%" width (narrow), some wide 9cm/ 3.5" Burberry ties are available at 45% - 65% off retail.

Burberry Check Tie  Burberry Check Tie Burberry Tie

Burberry Check Tie Burberry Check Tie Light Blue Burberry Check Tie

Written by Tiedeals Designer Ties — September 14, 2016