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Stefano Ricci Ties - New Designs

January 19, 2024 1 min read

Stefano Ricci Ties - New Designs

One of the most luxury tie brands out there, the Stefano Ricci tie is hand printed using fancy Italian silk with a range of geometric, striped and paisley designs. The Stefano Ricci tie is mostly hand made of printed silk, some jacquard silk woven neckties are also in the neckwear collection. The Stefano Ricci tie is also available as a pleated silk tie, extra fancy at USD$450 retail.

Stefano Ricci Ties 

The new collection 'Geometries' ties are very special, showing a variation in the design separated through a diagonal stripe. The latest collection Stefano Ricci ties exist of many vert fine geometric designs in a wide range of colors.

Stefano Ricci Tie


Stefano Ricci Stefano Ricci Green Necktie

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Stefano Ricci Ties Geometries

 The latest collection of silk Stefano Ricci ties has a lot of stunning geometric designs including several multi-design (different design on top and bottom of the tie), the 'Stefano Ricci Geometries' ties run a bit more expensive but are very special, hand printed silks.

Stefano Ricci Ties Geometries  

Stefano Ricci Scarves & Shirts

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