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Luxury Men Scarves

November 25, 2023 2 min read

Luxury Men Scarves

While a $600 - $1100 price tag for a cashmere or cashmere-silk men scarf seems extreme, there is some substance to it. As for popular/ trendy designer scarves (think Gucci, Balenciaga and Off-White) the quality of the luxury men scarf is very good and the designs is even better hopefully as you pay for it. The classic luxury brands however really use the best fabrics available to create a luxury look and feel but also provide a quality woven fabric that with last for one/ two decades to come. Kiton and Stefano Ricci use often lighter cashmere and cashmere silk fabrics for their stylish men scarves and shawls, Ermenegildo Zegna produces an excellent 100% cashmere scarf in several solid  colors, very high quality fabrics.


The Stefano Ricci Scarf

When it comes to Stefano Ricci, luxury comes first. The very fine yarns of the cashmere/ silk and cashmere/ cotton shawls are exquisite and most of the Stefano Ricci scarves/ shawls have a fine geometric detail, generally light weight, with colors ranging from peach, purple, green to blue.

Scarves Cashmere Silk

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The Kiton Scarf

If you have a change to pick up a Kiton scarf at a fraction of the price, available in a wide range of classic designs and original prints, you will enjoy it for many seasons. Shop Kiton men scarves at 60% - 80% off. Regular retail pricing for Kiton scarves is $600 - $1350.


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The Zegna Scarf

The high quality cashmere Zegna scarf is known for the best fabrics out there. Using high-end Italian mills for more than a century, produces for the Ermenegildo Zegna brand and multiple luxury brands around the world. The latest collection Ermenegildo Zegna scarves are "Oasi Cashmere", wonderful fabrics, soft but very well produced, for you to enjoy for many years to come. Several popular solid colors available.

Zegna Scarf

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