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Luxury Necktie & Matching Pocket Square Sets: Zilli

September 06, 2023 1 min read

Zilli Sets

Looking for a high-end tie with matching pocket square set?

First, a very limited amount of brands produce tie and matching pocket squares sets, slim picking it is. Of course there are some unknown (low-end) brands having these sets for sale, often with an exact duplicate print for both the tie and the hankie, but generally with redundant designs and cheaply made. 

You can generalize that the top brands often use a similar designs, but not exact duplicate, for the hankie print: often the tie design comes back in the hankie, similar with smaller elements/ other layout with some other detail but with the same color scheme. See some examples of this below.

Luxury, hand made in Italy, necktie and matching hankie sets: Zilli Paris

Sets Silk Necktie Sets Silk Tie and Hankie


Other necktie and matching pocket square sets are: Stefano Ricci, Vitaliano Pancaldi (extremely colorful prints, not for everyone) and Brioni (not consistently).

Zilli Extra Long Tie & Matching Pocket Squares

A rare find, a high-end extra long tie with matching hankie. The Zilli quality will do not disappoint, fancy printed silks, unique designs, hand made in Italy. Shop Zilli Tie & Pocket Square Sets.

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