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Colorful Vitaliano Pancaldi Ties

August 06, 2023 2 min read

Colorful Vitaliano Pancaldi Ties

Over the years, a handful of brands have been successful in the "colorful" segment of luxury designer neckties. Not every color rich print or over the top design looks sophisticated enough to attract a worldwide audience, but a brand like Vitaliano Pancaldi from Bologna, Italy, stands out. The often swirly print frequented on black and other dark backgrounds, with a mix of dots, paisley or florals in bright color schemes, are a pleasure to the eye. As the Vitaliano Pancaldi tie designs are available in limited amounts, your new tie is guaranteed unique.

The Vitaliano Pancaldi Tie

The house of Vitaliano Pancaldi is famous for their luxury printed silk ties, colorful designs, floral, paisley and ornamental prints with a signature ribbon or swirly stripe.

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