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E. Marinella Silk Tie Navy Geometric Design - Wide Necktie

E. Marinella Ties | Wide Neckties

E. Marinella

Genuine E. Marinella tie with a navy geometric design, fancy silk, wide necktie, sartorial, hand made in England. E. Marinella Napoli is a sartorial quality brand from Napoli, Italy. The Marinella designs are often (very) classic Italian, with many geometric prints in various color combinations, the silk is hand printed.

  • Color: Navy
  • Fabrics: 100% Silk, Self Tipped
  • Size: Wide Necktie Width: 3.75"/ 9.5cm
  • Origin: Hand Made in England
  • Brand: E. Marinella Napoli
  • Original E. Marinella Gift Box (Flat) Upon Request
  • Genuine / Authentic
  • Product code: mari230953