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News - Tiedeals Luxury Men Neckties & Dress Shirts 


Tiedeals is updating the web site almost daily with adding new designer clothes and sartorial luxury accessories. Also weekly new reductions are made: view Tiedeals SALE   

Want something special? Not the regular designer tie from the department store. Shop sartorial/ bespoke brands at 35% - 75% off retail. Check out the unique unlined ties, luxury sevenfold ties, pleated silk ties and more on the most luxurious and special edition necktie page. See the sartorial style page for the featured Italian sartorial style men's outfits, all from the best brands in the world. The Ferragamo neckties are the most popular novelty ties out there.

Luxury Men Fashion

New Kiton t-shirts, crepe cotton (light weight) in several colors, KNT overcoats, sport coats and double sided K-Red raincoats and wool silk Kiton suits. The cashmere Kiton sweater are as exquisite as you expect, luxury accessories include handmade sevenfold ties, swimwear and hats (capello) in cashmere wool at 55% - 75% off retail! Also shop the silk and cotton over the calf socks by Attolini and Zilli, and the Zegna underwear and (long sleeve) t-shirts.


Expected soon:
Discount men Burberry polo shirts expected late May 2024!
Kiton sevenfold ties, exclusive designs, top quality.


May 16, 2024
New Luigi Borrelli neckties, sartorial tailoring, top quality Italian neckwear at 40% off. Shop more Borrelli designs, in cluding Borrelli dress shirts at 60% off.


May 9, 2024
New discount Salvatoire Ferragamo ties, novelty ties featuring astronauts, rockes, gancini wild boar, elephants and more.


May 6, 2024
New Brunello Cucinelli ties, elegant yet slightly nonchalant square end knitted ties in silk// cotton/ linen, solid and striped designs, spring/ cummer collection, save 40% - 60% off.


May 1, 2024
New Hugo Boss polo shirts 2024 collection! Popular colors, cotton, regular fit and slim fit shirts.


April 22, 2024
More Kiton sevenfold ties, sartorial, save 45% off.

April 21, 2024
New Hugo Boss jeans, new Hugo Boss sport coats at 30% - 50% off.

April 12, 2024
New Hugo Boss, discount sport coats, shorts, sweaters, shirts and loungewear/ bodywear/ underwear just added! Popular Hugo Boss designs.


April 10, 2024
More Vitaliano Pancaldi ties, colorful designs, pleated silk designs.


March 28-30
SALE: E. Marinella ties reduced, shop the classic hand made Italian ties now. 

March 23, 2024
Just added, Thom Browne:

New Thom Browne sport coats, trench coats just added!


March 21, 2024
New Brunello Cucinelli ties, linen blend ties and cotton/ linen sqwuare end knitted ties, very exclusive.


March 18 - 21, 2024
Gene Meyer! More colorful ties, socks and bow ties.


March 13, 2024
New Thom Browne over coat and siganture Thom Browne sport coats, including new collection. Save 45% off!


February 19, 2024
New: Zilli save 40% - 70% off on luxury necktie sets, pocjket squares and wide neckties


January 30, 2024
New: Kiton ties and scarves, save big, up to 70 % cashmere silk shawls.


December 14, 2023
New Missoni ties, colorful zigzag, chevron, striped and other designs.


December 8, 2023
More Kiton ties, discount luxury sevenfold ties, many different designs and colors at 45% off.

Kiton Ties


December 4, 2023
New fall/ winter 2023/ 2024 collection ties: Moschino.


November 30, 2023
New Stefano Ricci ties and scarves, classic Italian elegance at 35% - 55% off.


November 19, 2023
New Salvatore Ferragamo ties, novelty ties, original gift boxes, great gift for him!


November 14,2023
New Moschino ties. Few cool graphic prints of the fall/ winter 2023-2024 collection accessories.

November 3, 2023
New Stefano Ricci ties, low quantities, hand printed silks, classic Italian elegance at 35% off.


October 9, 2023
More Gucci! Popular Gucci GG designs ties, discount Gucci for men, limited quantities, limited discounts, these are bestsellers. GG web Gucci ties, Corbin GG, Rufa designs, men collection. 


October 8, 2023
New Stefano Ricci ties, luxury ties, including hand printed pleated silk Stefano Ricci ties. The geometric and paisley prints of Stefano Ricci are meticulous, classic and elegant.


SALE - Shop new reductions! BORRELLI | KITON | CANALI | ZILLI


September 23, 203
New E. Marinella ties, sartorial neckwear, classic Italian designs, hand printed silk, regular and wide cut ties at 30% off.

Sartorial Ties


September 19, 2023
New Kiton suits, coats, ties and scarves. Luxury men fashion at 35% - 75% off.



September 10, 2023
New Ermenegildo Zegna ties including Zegna Couture XXX ties, save 40% off.


Shop: Special Edition Ties


August 15, 2023
More Fornasetti ties, original and unique designs, Italian paintings/ art prints, whimsical designs at 45% off.

Fornasetti Ties

August 5, 2023
New Zegna ties, classic Italian ties, jacquard silk, save 35% off.


August 3, 2023
New: Vitaliano Pancaldi ties, colorful swirly designs, unique (just one per design). 


July 31, 2023
SALE, shop Kiton swim shorts at 65% off. Colorful designs, unique prints, side, front and back pockets, top quality men's swimwear.

Swimwear Kiton 

 July 30, 2023
New sartorial sevenfold ties by Kiton. Colorful designs, limited quantities at 40% off. Shop Kiton Napoli.

Kiton Ties


July 25, 2023
New Missoni ties, silk designer ties, hand made in Italy. Colorful signature zigzag prints and logo designs, original Missoni gift boxes.

Missoni Men

July 17, 2023
New Borrelli ties, sartorial classic neckties, hand made in Italy, save 40% - 60% off. Styles include piasley, polka dots and geometric designs.


July 9, 2023
New Stefano Ricci shirts, luxury men long sleeve and shortsleeve shirts.


June 16, 2023
Genuine Salvatore Ferragamo neckties, twill silk printed neckwear hand made in Italy, original gift boxes, men collection at outlet prices.


June 14, 2023
New: Missoni ties, signature zigzag/ chevron designs, high quality silk, hand made in Italy. Comes with original Missoni gift box.


June 10, 2023
New Kiton suits, jackets, sevenfold ties, including Kired raincoats at 70% off. Shop Kiton clothes and accessories.


June 7, 2023
New discount Missoni ties, signature zigzag/ chevron designs at 45% off.


June 1, 2023
New Sartorio jeans and sport coats, men collection at 70% off, sartorial tailoring.


April 28, 2023
New Salvatore Ferragamo ties, novelty ties, printed silk, very popular neckwear for men.

April 21, 2023
New Ungaro skinny and narrow designer neckties 60% off.


April 15, 2023
New: Fornasetti ties, discount whimsical and Italian art/ painting designer ties.






To make shopping and returns even more convenient! Just email sales@tiedeals.com when you need a prepaid return label (USA only). 










Designer Bow Ties

Lots of new designs added: designer bow ties, Tom Ford bow ties: large and oversized silk and silk/wool blend bow ties in black, pink, gray and cream, including polka dots bow ties: Tom Ford Bow Ties. Le Noeud Papillon bow ties are available with several pre-tied and self tie velvet bow ties, in a regular and large size: big velvet bow ties in black, navy, burgundy and brown at 20% Off: Velvet Bow Ties.



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