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Luigi Borrelli Elevenfold Ties

July 25, 2020 1 min read

Luigi Borrelli Elevenfold Ties

The ultimate luxury of sartorial tailoring, the Luigi Borrelli 11 fold tie of the Royal Collection. Luigi Borrelli has been making (by hand) regular cut and sevenfold ties for decades. The last few years Luigi Borrelli seems to just focus on the regular cut men's tie, with some knitted square end ties and some unlined ties in linen and wool blend. The sevenfold tie, mostly just made in the Napoli area in Italy, has something special, that feel of ancient tradition, hand cutting and folding the tie, using classic jacquard silk patterns, just a special piece (99% have a regular cut construction). 


The Luigi Borrelli 11 Fold Tie Is Back

After a huge success, several years back, with a custom order of Luigi Borreli elevenfold ties, directly at Borrelli, it seemed a no brainer to get a new selection of wonderful elevenfold ties ordered. Note: all the Luigi Borreli elevenfold ties are the Royal Collection (high end line of Borrelli, often only seen in the Borrelli stores). Expect quality, expect sartorial tailoring, and expect a very rare Luigi Borrelli Royal Collection tie, folded 11 times.

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Luigi Borrelli elevenfold ties

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There also a few 11 fold ties of other sartorial brands available: Elevenfold Ties.

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