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March 04, 2019 1 min read

Luigi Borrelli produces (hand made) a high-end quality dress shirt for the sartorialist/ bespoke enthusiast. The Luigi Borrelli shirt is a classic shirt, fine Egyptian cotton, cutaway collar or spread collar shirts. The Luigi Borrelli Royal Collection shirt is the high-end line of Borrelli, mostly sold in Borrelli stores only. 

Look for the "royal collection" when you want the best of Borrelli!


The bespoke Luigi Borrelli Royal Collection shirt is not cheap but is a great sartorial piece of art, using the finest cottons, fine hand stitching (armholes etc) and classic designs.Some Luigi Borrelli dress shirt of the "Tessuto Esclusivo" have been added too.

Shop the the newest design: Luigi Borrelli Royal Collection shirt 



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