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Mattabisch Shirt Under $100? Sartorial Dress Shirts

June 13, 2019 2 min read

Mattabisch Shirt Under $100? Sartorial Dress Shirts

Everybody goes through phases in their lives. A descent dress shirts, an Italian dress shirt, and then there is the "hand made in Italy" dress shirt! There are many different qualities and designs but when it comes to men dress shirts the artisan shirt makers in Napoli know their craft. Often for generation they perfected the hand cut silk necktie and dress shirt. At a certain time in their live, the well dress man will be looking for a hand made bespoke dress shirt from Italy!

When getting used to a Borrelli, Brioni or Kiton shirt there is no way back. The amazing cut (hand stitched armholes etc.) will make you stay with a sartorial brand for decades to come. Other (often small artisan tailors/ shirt makers) sartorial shirt makers are Attolini, Mattabisch and Sartorio.

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Mattabisch Napoli? Let's be honest, at Mattabisch they do not have a Harvard degree to figure a perfect way to manage their marketing and/ or make as much money as possible. with the core focus on quality and sartorial quality hand stitching classic dress shirts, slowly new customer flow in, and often are there to stay. 

Kiton seems to own (partially own? I can not exactly confirm this) Mattabisch. As the Kiton shirt runs close to $900 the Mattabisch dress shirt with a few less hand stitched elements might be a great alternative at $400- $500 range.

Tiedeals has been carrying Mattabisch shirts for almost 10 years now, with success. The shirts do not fly off the shelves but customers are really happy with the cut and quality and come back for more, which result in longterm sales. 

Mostly due to having temporary too much stock, prices have been ridiculously low, even under $100 for a brand new bespoke Mattabisch shirt with a classic check or striped design. The shirts have to go, more designs are ready to be uploaded to the web site. Browse the Mattabisch section and get (probably) the best sartorial shirt you have ever bought under $100! 

Shop Mattabisch | Mattabisch < $100

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