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Leonard Paris

Leonard ParisIn 1958, Jacques Leonard and Daniel Tribouillard started the company: Leonard Fashion. Very soon Leonard started to use the orchid as an emblem: a delicate wild flower “without geometric limits”. The orchid is a rare flower of precious, irresistible beauty – and Leonard’s distinctive emblem. Leonard is famous for its' colorful women dresses and scarves and men neckties, available in a fashion couture line and novelty line.

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Leonard Paris The very distinctive Leonard tie and bow tie is made of the most luxurious printed silks, using lots of colors. The novelty collection comes with novelty designs of relative smaller animals and objects like parfum bottles, squirrels, boots and jewels to name a few. The Fashion Line (also called the Couture Line) showcases large floral designs including the famous orchid. Scroll the street of Beverly Hills or New York wearing the best colorful ties/ bow tie available.

Leonard Paris men collection: Leonard Ties | Leonard Bow Ties

Leonard Paris women collection: Leonard Silk Scarves


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