Leonard Paris Vintage

Seventeen years ago I made a "golden" find at a discount outlet store. In a large bin with many silk ties from previous seasons, many might be defined as vintage, I found some excellent Leonard Paris ties. I did not know the brand but it felt like $50- $100 or even more, very exclusive, and yes within days I sold some very quick at $50 on Ebay. 

Leonard Paris Vintage

Silk Leonard ties, 1970's,1980's 1990's designs:

Leonard Paris Leonard Paris Leonard Paris Ties

Leonard Paris Ties Are Hand Made In Italy


Leonard Paris Vintage Neckties

Leonard Paris is an exclusive brand from France (most seasons, the Leonard tie is hand made in Italy). The stunning designs are almost all florals, with some striped prints with a tiny flower in cream, gray, maroon and navy mostly, very exquisite.

In 2018, Leonard produces several dozens of these vintage designs from the 1980's (brand new but vintage). Styles sell quick and just one of each, so make your choice.

The vintage Leonard tie is not for everyone. The vintage designs are in a more "dull" color scheme than the current fashion line collections, which are known for the extreme colorful designs (printed in one of the top factories in Italy).

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