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Barba Sevenfold Tie Pink Micro Pattern Design - Sartorial Neckwear

Barba Napoli Ties | Sevenfold Ties

Barba Napoli

Authentic Barba sevenfold tie with pink micro pattern design, silk and cotton, sevenfold construction, hand made in Italy. Stylish, elegant and sophisticated, genuine Barba Napoli ties, sartorial tailoring, hand made in Italy, made of the finest silk. Sartorial quality. Sevenfold Ties.

  • Colors: Pink
  • Size: Width : 3.35" / 8.5cm, Regular 58" Length
  • Fabrics: 58% Silk - 42% Cotton
  • Construction: Sevenfold Tie
  • Hand Made in Italy
  • Brand: Barba Napoli
  • Genuine / Authentic
  • Product Code: barb240660