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The Armani men collection is known for its classic colors and designs. The Armani Collezioni tie collection is hand made in Italy. Armani uses mostly jacquard silks with a wool lining. Armani ties retail from $165 to $245. The Armani tie runs roughly 3" width which slightly slim compared with some other brands like Zegna and Canali. Armani ties are an excellent choice for both business and evening attire. Giorgio Armani uses Armani Collezioni line for its' tie collection.

Armani Collezioni Neckties

Armani ties are hand made in Italy. Armani has has several collection, Emporio Armani, Armani Collezioni and Giorgio Armani, the last few seasons Armani produces neckties only under the Armani Collezioni label.


Armani Collezioni Necktie Designs 2015/ 2016

Armani tieArmani tie 2015 Genuine Armani


Armani Necktie Details


Armani Detail New Tie Armani

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