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Popular Designer Ties

November 02, 2022 2 min read

Popular Designer Ties


Top brands, hand made in Italy, Gucci, Versace and Armani neckties.

It is a great time to shop for popular Gucci GG tie, silk Versace tie or Armani logo tie at outlet prices, new designs have been added. Original gift boxes available. Save 20% - 70% off! Browse all luxury designer brand ties.

Armani Neckties

Classic designs, excellent to complete your professional look and / or evening wear. Many classic designs with black, maroon and dark blue mini dots and geometric designs. Timeless designs, shop Armani neckties.

Armani Neckties

Gucci Neckties

For decades popular for the GG design neckties in many colors. Also the last few seasons the Gucci GG is here to stay with gray, dark blue and other designs. The popular Gucci designer tie is also available as a micro GG design and some stunning striped Gucci neckties. The Gucci ties are discount 20% - 60% off retail.


Versace Neckties

The Versace necktie has been a popular designer tie for decades. Many ornamental and baroque prints in gold and Medusa allover designs have been in the Versace men collection ties year after year. Many Versace ties have a Medusa (logo) print on the bottom part of the tie, some people like that, some do not. Look for the colorful polka dot and geometric designs, all jacquard silk, all hand made in Italy. The Versace ties are discounted 55% - 65% off retail.

Versace Neckties

Also shop the NEW section for cashmere over the calf Zilli socks, cashmere Kiton blazers, Stefano Ricci pleated silk ties and more...



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