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New Kiton Suits, Scarves & Sweaters

October 31, 2022 1 min read

New Kiton Suits, Scarves & Sweaters

Kiton is known for sartorial tailoring and excellent fabrics. Most of the new Kiton cashmere/ silk sweaters are hand dyed, the Kiton sport coats and suits are hand made and the Kiton cashmere scarves are of exquisite quality.

More design added, 14 micron wool Kiton sweaters, v-neck and crewneck, very soft wool, amazing quality. More Kiton scarves, colorful and classic brown/ black and gray designs in silk and cashmere. All men scarves are just one of a kind.

Be the first to stop the latest Kiton clothes and accessories at 60% - 70% off.


Kiton Suits & Blazers

Limited quantities, but a rare change to get a vicuña or guanaco sport coat at 65% off, very exclusive, very impressive fabrics and Neapolitan tailoring. The Kiton suits, in gray and dark blue designs, are made of the finest 14 micron wool.
Shop Kiton Suits & Sport Coats.


Kiton Scarves & Shawls

Scarves Cashmere 

Shop Kiton Cashmere Scarves


Kiton Sweaters & Cardigans

Ultimate luxury for men in the sweater category. Beside from, that 99% of sweaters are not made in Italy nowadays, Kiton sweaters are hand made in  Italy using the fanciest fabrics, including cashmere/ silk and 14 micron wool, some Kiton crewnecks are hand dyed. 


Kiton Sweaters

Shop Kiton Cashmere Sweaters

Shop the Kiton collection men's clothing, hand made luxury Italian fashion.


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