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Luxury men fashion: Zilli Paris.

Zilli is specializing in luxury clothes and accessories for men. Zilli is known for its' impeccable craftsmanship and elegant style. Zilli ties run often "wide (9.5cm width) and are often made of fancy printed silk. Some designs are available in extra long and with matching hankie. Shop Zilli extra long tiesZilli necktie sets.

Zilli Necktie Sets

Luxury twill silk Zilli tie with matching pocket square.

Zilli Tie Sets Zilli Tie Sets New Genuine Zilli Tie Sets

Shop Zilli Tie Sets.


The Zilli shirt and the luxury Zilli tie will be explained in more detail below. 

 Zilli Orange Tie Zilli tie Royal Blue

Zilli tie and matching hankie sets:

Zilli Silk Tie Silk ties



Zilli Paris Zilli New Zilli Paris

Zilli neckties are available in regular and conservative width, and with matching pocket square. Most Zilli necktie designs are luxury printed silk.


Zilli Paris Zilli Paris 

Zilli Necktie & Pocket Square Sets

Zilli Paris Set Zilli Paris Matching 

Hand made in Italy: genuine Zilli silk ties and handkerchief sets, luxury men's neckwear:


Zilli Tie and Hankie  Zilli


Zilli tie Review

The Zilli tie is a very luxury tie, many Zilli ties are made of printed silk, and also lots of interesting designs are available in Italian jacquard silk. The ties have rarely a mistake, almost all ties are perfect, which is the result of rigorous quality control. The Zilli tie has a fancy signature finish on the back blade of the tie including a gold gold chain.

Review: Luxury, yes Zilli is one of the most luxurious tie brands in the world.

Review: Quality, very high.


New Zilli Ties - Just Added

Zilli Zilli


Zilli Ties - Sevenfold Ties & Extra Long

New designs added, silk Zilli ties:


Zilli Necktie & Hankie Sets


Shop Zilli Neckties & Pocket Square Sets


Zilli's flagship store is in Paris, France. Expect exceptional quality, expert hand stitching and bespoke finishes on the fancy Zilli neckties and genuine Zilli dress shirts.

If you look for the best tie in the world, being sartorial quality and with exclusive detail, the Zilli tie would be on the top of that list.


Could it even get fancier? The Zilli sevenfold necktie, a unique piece of sartorial art! Wonderful detail, one of the best and most luxurious tie in the world!

Zilli 7 Fold Necktie 

Zilli sevenfold necktie

Zilli Paris Sevenfold Tie

Zilli sevenfold necktie, Unique sartorial quality necktie


Shop now the largest selection of Zilli online at outlet prices, more than 200+ silk ties/ tie sets, sevenfold ties in stock, pure luxury:

 Zilli Zilli Linen Zilli Paris

Zilli neckties, hand made in Italy at www.tiedeals.com, Zilli online outlet.

Zilli has stores in Beverly Hills, Moscow, Berlin, Monaco, Washington DC, Dubai and a few dozen other cities worldwide. 

The tie closest to the quality and cut of the Zilli tie is Stefano Ricci. The wider 9cm / 9.5cm width ties with often luxurious printed silk resembles the hand made quality you have have seen with your Stefano Riccitie. 


Zilli Ties & Zilli Necktie & Pochette Sets

Pictures of stunning Zilli designs, printed silk and jacquard silk neckwear including extra long ties and sevenfold ties.

Zilli Zilli New Zilli Necktie & Pochette Sets

Sevenfold Set Zilli Necktie


The Zilli Shirt

ZILLI shirts are made in ZILLI's Italian workshop in Bergamo, and benefit from unique craftsmanship blending rigor and traditional techniques. ZILLI offers a wide range of fabrics, concentrating essentially on two-ply Egyptian and Sea Island cotton.

The creativity combined with such expertise to provide made to measures shirts is everyday life in the ZILLI workshop. The exclusive range of cuffs, collars, buttons and textiles is extremely wide and provides made-to-measure clients with exclusive shirts for refined elegance.

Zilli Shirts

A Zilli shirt may be recognized by the precision of its details. The variety of styles of collars and cuffs, and the numerous possible combinations of fabrics, stitching and buttons, require of us extreme rigor and a sense of detail, something that is unique.

All the finishes are remarkable: the collars and cuffs are ironed three times for an impeccable look. The “mosca”- the join between the front and back panels of the shirt- is hand-folded. The decorative stripes are perfectly aligned with the shoulders/sleeves and the top/bottom.

Zilli Zilli Navy Shirt Zilli Dress Shirt

ZILLI uses only top-quality Australian mother- of-pearl for its buttons. In order to meet our clients’ expectations, they may be personalized for made-to-measure items.

Buttons may be set with diamonds or other precious stones and the collar stays are available in mother-of-pearl, white gold or yellow gold. The initials are hand-
embroidered in an infinite variety of colors.

Shop Zilli Shirts


The Zilli Tie

ZILLI creates its own tie collection, exclusively using all its designs for both printed and jacquard ties. They are all crafted entirely by hand.

The workshop’s expertise is such that it allows astonishing ties to be created with leather or exotic-hide inlays, embroidery on silk, and ultra-supple ties in crocodile or python skin.

Shop Zilli Neck Ties

For each collection, 35 new print designs and around thirty jacquard silk designs are offered in over 550 color combinations. And for even more refined elegance, Zilli offers certain styles in a set with matching handkerchief.


The ZILLI man deserves excellence. The assembly of 7-fold ties is a highly specific, patented technique. Printed ties are crafted from an exclusive 100% silk satin fabric developed with special 6A threads, the highest quality grade. The interlining, the heart of the tie, is a 100% wool, double weave.

Zilli Neckties Archive

Pictures of genuine Zilli neckties of previous seasons:

Zilli Tie

The back of the tie is covered with inlays and the ZILLI lingot gilded with fine gold.

Zilli Ties

The assembly, performed entirely by hand, leaves the self-loop visible. All these features ensure the beautiful appearance of a ZILLI tie.

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