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Tom Ford

The men's collection Tom Ford ties, bow ties, pocket squares, shirts are hand made in Italy. The Tom Ford sport shirts are made in Turkey. Tom Ford suits, tuxedos and sport coats are made in Italy and Switzerland. New Tom Ford ties, bow ties, pocket squares and tuxedo and dress shirt, men collection are added on a regular base.

New Tom Ford Designs

Tom ford Necktie Tom ford Necktie Plaid


Tom ford Necktie Striped Design Brown Necktie



Tie Ties Tom Ford Luxury Ties

Tom Ford Ties

Most Tom ford neckties come in dark shades, black/ brown, black/ silver, that seems to be the signature Tom Ford style for years now. The spring/ summer collection has a mix of silk neckwear and silk/ cotton and silk/ linen blend designs. The Tom Ford fall/ winter collection has both silk and wool/ silk ties and a few cashmere designs.

Silk Ties



Tom Ford Bow Ties

Tom Ford Bow Ties.
Preformed, "self tie looking" bow tie, pre tied for the best consistent look, Tom Ford bow ties run medium/ large, with a large knot/ center. Shop Tom ford bow ties.

Tom Ford

Tom Ford Silk Pocket Squares.
The hankies from Tom Ford are printed on lightweight silk, to prevent a bulky pocket (like some other brand with heavy silk do), get a neat and distinctive look.


Tom Ford Tom Ford Snake TF

Tom Ford Tom Ford tie Necktie

Shop Tom Ford neckties.

New designs Tom Ford ties of the men collection in jacquard silk and silk/ linen blend, spring/ summer collection men's neckwear:

Tom Ford


Tom Ford Clothing

Tom Ford scarves in cashmere, silk and wool blend., classic designs. Tom Ford pocket squares, Tom Ford ties, Tom Ford pre-tied bow ties.

TF TF Tom Ford

Tom Ford Scarves

Luxury silk and wool/ cashmere men shawls, made in Italy. Try the solid silk scarves for your business attire, both functional and stylish. some plaid and glen check designs in gray/ black/ brown and a few signature designs are in the Tom Ford scarves fall/ winter collection too.



Shop the latest collection silk Tom Ford pocket squares, stylish Tom Ford bow ties at 35% - 65% off.




Tom Ford Pocket Squares

The Tom Ford pocket square is made of a light Italian silk which makes for a gentle pop out of the suit jacket pocket (instead of too much heavy fabric making the pocket look weird).

Tom Ford  New Pochette

Pocket Square Tom Ford TF


Tom Ford has been very successful with his men's clothing line and men/women sunglasses and accessories. Tom Ford (previous Director at Gucci) has launched several distinctive and unique men collection, which have had a great response. The sales of Tom Ford sunglasses have been skyrocketing and the rest of the men's collection follows that path. Tom Ford bow ties were a hit on the Oscar's and Golden Globes shows.


Tom Ford Ties

The Tom Ford necktie is popular for both business and evening attire, as manyt hues of black and silver are included in the designs. The Tom Ford tie is often jacquard silk, with design in linen/ silk for summer and wool/ silk and cashmere for the winter collection.

Tom Ford Silk Necktie TF Neckwear


Tom Ford  Tom Ford

Tom Ford ties, hand made in Italy. Tom Ford Pictures of neckties.


Tom Ford Bow Ties

A decade ago Tom Ford produces a large black bow tie, which became pretty popular at the Golden Globes, which resulted in a steady flow of new designs of elegant evening wear bow ties and accessories. The bow tie was tied by and expert in Italy, nicely preformed, AND you were able to untie it like a self tie bow tie. The seasons after that, all Tom Ford bow ties kept a similar natural self tie look, but were pre-tied, which was not appreciated by the self tie bow tie following. 

Tom Ford Bow Ties


Most Tom Ford bow ties are jacquard silk and some wool/ silk styles. The Tom Ford bow tie has a "self tie" look, as the bow tie are tiede by experts in Italy. A decade ago, the Tom Ford bow tie could be untied and then self tied, the current collection have a stitch finish (on the back), making the bow ties a pre-tied version.


 bow ties Silk Bow Ties Pre Tied Bow Ties

Tiedeals ships to Australia, Canada and almost any other country in the world:

Tom Ford Australia - Tom Ford Canada - Tom Ford USA


Tom Ford Clothes and accessories:





Tom Ford Tom Ford Tom Ford


Latest Styles Tom Fords Ties

Tom Ford

Tom Ford Bow Ties

The bow tie is back: Tom Ford has time after item come out with great styles bow ties, mostly large butterflies for jacquard silk, cashmere and velvet: Tom Ford Bow Ties. The latest collection Tom Ford bow ties are pre-tied, they look almost self-tie as the bows are tied by hand and just knitted slightly to to make the knot not move.

TF Tom Ford

Bow Tie Tom Ford Bow Tie Tom Ford

The bow tie could, with a small adjustment, be a self tie bow tie if requested. Some popular oversized black bows and velvet bow ties have been added!

Shop Tom Ford Bow Ties


Tom Ford Suits

Tom Ford suits and tuxedos. Signature plaid design suits by Tom Ford, in brown/ black, gray and gray/ black, including 3 piece suits and tuxedo evening wear. Fancy fabrics include silk/ mohair, linen and wool. Tom Ford suits are hand made in Italy/ Switzerland. All Tom Ford suits are 2 button and most pants are flat front. New styles added: Tom Ford Suits. Tom Ford suits have generally a slimmer cut.

Tom Ford Tuxedo Tom Ford

Shop Tom Ford Suits

Tom Ford Dress Shirts

Pin Collar ShirtTom Ford men dress shirts had high stand collars as the neckties in the same collections were extra thick silk (which makes large knots). Tom Ford shirts are generally double cuff, some french cuffs and have lots of plaid/ check designs. The classic white Tom Ford is also a must have. Most Tom Ford shirts are made in Switzerland, some in Italy. Get a discounted Tom Ford dress shirt now: Tom Ford Shirts. New Tom Ford tuxedo shirts have been added at 46% off.

Tom Ford tuxedo shirts are very popular for an evening out to a chic event. Shop for Tom Ford tuxedo/ evening shirts.

Shirt Tom Ford Shirt 

Tom Ford uses often french cuffs for its shirts, including pin collar and tab collar designs in plaid/ check , striped and plain white designs. Tom Ford Tuxedo shirts are very popular.



Tom Ford Dress Shirts


Tom FordTom Ford men collection exist of Tom Ford Eye Glasses, Sunglasses and accessories. Tom Ford accessories are made in Italy and include, silk neckties, hankies and leather wallets and credit card holders.


There is a huge sale section at the web site with Tom Ford clothes and accessories even further reduced at outlet prices: Tom Ford Sale.




Tom Ford Shirt Sizing 

measurements in inches Neck Chest (Armpit-Armpit) Waist Sleeve Length 
15 - 38 15 20 18 33/ 34
15 1/2 - 39 15 1/2
15 3/4 - 40 15 3/4 22 20 34/35
16 - 41 16
16 1/2 - 42 16 1/2
17 - 43 17
17 1/2 - 44 17 1/2
18 - 45 18



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