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Designer Dress Shirts

Looking for a high-end men dress shirt? Some Italian brands are specializing in men dress shirts, neckties and suits for decades. One important characetistic of a Italian dress shirt is the fit, as many sartorial/ bespoke brands hand stitch several elements of the shirt, the fit is excellent (compared to machine made men dress shirts.

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Italian Brands - Dress Shirts Made In Italy

The regular size Italian dress shirt runs a bit more fitted than the regular American shirt (Ralph Lauren/ Ike Behar etc), especially the brand from Napoli (Borrelli, Mattabisch etc.) have often tighter armholes (which makes the cut very nice (when it fits).

Classic Italian brands making a great men dress shirt are:

Canali Shirts

Canali Dress Shirts - Classic white and blue professional shirts for the men whom need a quality shirt every workday of the week. Canali shirts have a very consistent fit, and come in regular, modern and slim fit. Most Canali shirt have a moderate spread collar and regular barrel cuff.

Great deals on Canali shirt available in most sizes 38 - 15 up to 46 - 18:

Dress Shirt Canali

Canali  Canali Shirt Men Dress Shirts

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Isaia Shirts

Isaia dress shirts are hand made in Napoli, using artisan techniques for a very comfortable and exclusive dress shirt. The designs vary, many different prints.

Isaia shirts Isaia Sport Shirt

Luigi Borrelli 

Luigi Borrelli shirts are available in Luigi Borrelli, Borrelli Vintage (Sport Shirts) and Luigi Borrelli Royal Collection (High-End).



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Ermenegildo Zegna

Ermenegildo Zegna produces a great classi dress shirt and when you like to pay another $150 extra, the sartorial version of the Zegna shirt, the Zegna Premium shirt hand made in Italy.

Shop Ermenegildo Zegna Couture

CoutureZegna Shirt White


Mattabisch Napoli

  Designer Dress Shirts

Mattabisch dress shirts are hand made in Napoli, Italy. Many classic designs, high quality cotton and fancy mother of pearl button (hand stitched). The Mattabisch is a great value when purchased under $200 at 60% off: Shop Mattabisch shirts.


Italian Brands - Dress Shirts Not Made In Italy