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Tiedeals carries an original line of handmade Battistoni accessories, most designs at 45% - 65% off, imported straight from the Italy. The Battistoni neckties are high quality and have often mini geometric prints or novelty designs, the twill silk Battistoni tie is hand stitched.

Guglielmo Battistoni started out as a shirt maker in 1945 and is regarded as Rome’s primo bespoke shirtmaker. It was his dream to perfect  suits’ cut and shirts collars (the inimitable reverse-stitched rim) of the best quality. The atelier in Rome was, and still is, the mirror image of its owner. All production is done locally by hand, with more than 60 percent of work time spent on the iconic Battistoni collar, for which the firm is renown. For decades Battistoni has been a source for men whom appreciate true Italian fashion at its best. 

Battistoni Ties

Looking for a top quality novelty necktie? Battistoni makes an excellent quality novelty tie, with designs varying from snails to swans, from birds to stars. The gum twill silk Battistoni ties also include a range of classic geometric prints in navy, blue, red and more.

 Battistoni Umbrellas

Battistoni ties are made of Italy's top factories. The gum twill silk used for the ties is rather unique, it has a great feel to it and it wrinkles less than a regular twill silk tie. 

Battistoni Neckties 2020 Collection

The latest novelty and geometric prints of the gum twill silk Battistoni neckwear collection of S/S 2020. Both geometric designs, including mini houndstooths, and original novelty designs, including dragonflies and umbrellas, are hand picked in Italy, select from the best designs at 50% off! 

Battistoni Neckwear 2020 Battistoni Neckwear 2020 New Battistoni 2020

Battistoni Ties Pictures

Battistoni Battistoni Tie Snail  


Novelty designs: fishes, snails.


Battistoni Battistoni Butterfly Battistoni New

Battistoni Battistoni Battistoni Tie

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