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Kiton Blazers Vicuna & Guanaco Cashmere

October 21, 2019 1 min read

When you hear the word "Kiton" you know its' going to be high quality, hand made in Italy, and expensive. Kiton has focused only on the best, artisan Neapolitan tailoring. 

Few new Kiton blazers and 14 micron suits at amazing prices.

Using precious silk, luxury cashmere and wools, you will get the best. Kiton has also even some ultimate luxury fabrics used for their sport coats. Kiton often works directly with farmers (and owns farms) in Bolivia, Peru and Argentina. Kiton perfected the wool/ cashmere for their suits and blazer with the fine 14 Micron wool and Guanaco (Argentina) and Vicuña (Peru and Bolivia) fabrics often blended with cashmere or cashmere/silk.


This extreme quality and luxury comes with a price tag. These luxury fabrics push the retail price of the Kiton suits and blazers north of the $10K.

The good news is, Tiedeals just added several Guanaco and Vicuña sport coats the web site, shop now:

Kiton Blazers/ Suits

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