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Bespoke Extra Long Ties

July 09, 2016 1 min read

Bespoke Extra Long Ties

Italian necktie brands seem to almost refuse to make extra long ties as a part of the regular production. As many men are 6.3" or taller a xl tie is appreciated, preferably a great designs of sartorial quality. To make the xl tie hunt a bit easier, Tiedeals selected several top brands for your convenience. All brand are top quality bespoke/ sartorial hand made ties. Turnbull & Asser is hand made in England, Mattabisch, Zegna and M. Valeri are hand made in Italy.

Zegna XL TieTiedeals special ordered from Ermenegildo Zegna a great line of classic styles extra long ties. The Zegna extra long tie runs 61" which is not extremely long, which allows for 5.11"- 6.2" also to buy this tie instead of a regular length (58") tie.

The Ermenegildo Zegna selection consist of micro dots, geometric and more classic designs. The Zegna extra long necktie is a regular width.

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Valeri XLThere is a great new selection of Massimo Valeri extra long ties added, all sartorial quality, hand made in Italy. Massimo Valeri uses jacquard silk for the extra long tie and uses contrast stitching on the back to hand finish the tie. As Massimo Valeri is not very well known in the USA, the prices are at a very attractive level of 60% off retail.

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