Ultra Luxurious Gifts

Ultra luxurious men accessories and clothes: Kiton + Crocodile Leather = Expensive, Shop Kiton Crocodile Leather Belts Under $1000! Or get a $65 pair of cashmere socks, a $400 - $900 dress shirt (hand made in Italy) or a $1900 (retail $7995) cashmere overcoat from Kiton!

Here is a selection of the top Italian brands very special gifts. Some suggestions are: Kiton Wallets, Kiton cashmere/ silk sweaters, Kiton Vicuna Sport Coats, VK Nagrani cashmere & baba alpaca wool socks, Brioni Sartorial Collection dress shirt and silk shirts, Tom Ford scarves (wool/ cashmere/ silk).

Discount Designer Ties/ Sartorial Sevenfold Ties
More than 3000 luxury designer ties in stock, sartorial sevenfold ties, First quality luxury neckwear imported from Italy. Even the most luxury brand ties are on sale.
Shop Designer Neckties <$50 | Luxury Neckties > $200 | Extra Long Neckties

Discount Italian Shirts, Hankies, Scarves, Suits & Blazers
Shop for sartorial suits/ blazers, silk pocket squares, hand made dress shirts, cashmere scarves and other luxury men clothes.

Popular Brands/ Clothes:
Designer Ties Under $50 | Borrelli Dress Shirts | Kiton Clothes | Zegna Ties | Kiton wallets and belts | Designer Outlet Sale


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