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Very Expensive Gifts (At A Huge Deal)

December 06, 2017 1 min read

Sometimes you really want to surprise somebody with a very expensive gift. Some expensive men designer and bespoke clothes/ accessories are really special.

The Kiton coat is a product that many sartorial enthusiast would love to have but due to the $6000 - $12000 price tag that will not happen soon. Kiton is one of the very few brand which makes all clothes totally by hand in Italy, and Kiton really known how to do that, using the best fabrics available. The Kiton cashmere overcoat has wonderful hand stitching all over, cashmere is amazing, and the fit is excellent and this coat might be available at 75% - 80% off. It's that kind off coat, where many people look for it and can afford a fraction of retail price.

Shop Kiton Overcoats at 80% Off

When the coat drops to the 80% off range, it generally flies of the shelves. The reversible cashmere coat is over the top (sartorial paradise). 

Kiton  Kiton

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