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The Ultimate Canali Tie

November 29, 2017 1 min read

Canali ties have been the most consistent high quality designer ties on the market for a decade+ with a close Ermenegildo Zegna following after that. Brands like Armani and Valentino have used a bunch of different fabrics over the years, for a cool (one-time) experience. The Canali tie is made for the men whom wants a quality jacquard silk tie for everyday wear. 

Canali also has the Canali Exclusive Collection. Canali goes all the way sartorial/ bespoke with an amazing cashmere blend unlined sevenfold ties this fall/ winter season. Yes, that is a lot of information. Canali + Exclusive Collection + Cashmere Blend + Unlined + Sevenfold + Button Blade Closure = $300 Canali tie (reg Canali tie = $160), which competes with the sartorial brands from Napoli. 

Want something special: Canali Unlined Cashmere Silk Sevenfold Tie. You will love it, I guarantee it!





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