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Unlined Attolini Ties - Excellent Deal

September 28, 2020 1 min read

Unlined Attolini Ties - Excellent Deal

Cesare Attolini is an expensive brand from Napoli, Italy. As almost every garment is hand sewn by artisan tailors/ seamstresses, using ancient sartorial techniques, the suits, shirts and ties are of exceptional quality. The Cesare Attolini tie comes in regular (self tipped) and unlined silk designs.

 Attolini Attolini

The hand made unlined tie is a more delicate tie (vs. regular tie with wool lining all the way), the bottom tip has been hand rolled and stitched (slightly visible), clearly showing sartorial craftsmanship. The tie will look a bit less "perfect" as the hand rolled/ stitched borders (bottom tip) will have some slight curves. The weight of the tie is pretty light, not for everybody, but if you like something special, something sartorial/ bespoke, shop the latest Cesare Attolini designs at huge discounts:

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