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Borrelli Ties Including 11 Fold Ties

October 11, 2020 1 min read

Borrelli Ties Including 11 Fold Ties

New designs just added, classic Luigi Borrelli neckties including several very rare Luigi Borrelli Royal Collection elevenfold neckties! When you are looking for a sartorial necktie with a classic print, this is your change, many designs are 60% off. All Luigi Borrelli ties are hand stitched. Shop Luigi Borrelli.

View the designs: Borrelli Ties Striped | Borrelli Ties Paisley

The Luigi Borrelli elevenfold tie is available in many interesting designs, expect a thick tie (as silk is folded 10 times). The "Royal Collection" is the high-end collection of Borrelli.


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