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What is size of a tie?

The regular width of a popular Italian designer tie? Lots of Questions! Let's try to answer this in the most pragmatic way.

  1. How do I measure the width of a tie?
  2. What is the (best) blade width of a tie?
  3. What is the proper width of a necktie?
Over the last decades the size of the tie width has been fluctuated, mostly becoming skinnier the last decade.

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The width of a tie 2022

We talk about high quality Italian ties only, for men whom understand they have to spend $100- $300 (retail) for a great quality tie.


1. Measure the width of the tie on the bottom blade, the widest point.
Classic and more conservative men, whom often have gone through decades of wearing a tie, might stick with a 9cm - 9.5cm tie. Very elegant, classic and pretty wide. Most men appreciate the 8 - 8.5cm width tie, and the trendy guy going to a party might choice the skinny/ narrow tie (5.5cm - 7cm ties).
Professional: 3.1" / 8cm (7.5cm - 8.5cm)
Trendy: 2.2" - 2.7" / 5cm - 7cm

What is the width of a tie:

2. What is the blade (widest point) width of a tie?
Since 2020 most neckties run 2.7 - 3.3 " width ( 7cm - 8.5cm). Classic brands like E. Marinella and Stefano Ricci, some Kiton sevenfold ties are available at 8.5cm, other classic Italian brands like Canali and Zegna run mostly 8cm, the more fashionable/ trendy brand like D&G, Valentino and Prada run often 7.5cm width or even skinnier at 4.5cm-6.5cm skinny necktie width.
Before 2010, ties run generally in the 8.5cm - 9.5cm width range.
In 2022 most ties run approx. 8cm/ 3.1" width and a regular 58"/ 148cm, as seen in most luxury warehouse and speciality men stores. 
Brands include Zegna, Canali, Ferragamo and Brioni.

Slimmer ties:
Some trendy brands like D&G, Valentino and Kenzo run slimmer at 55mm - 70mm  widths, width some skinny tie designs at 4cm - 5cm width!

What is the proper width of a tie:

Neckties have gone from a 9.5cm/ 3.75" width in the early 2000's (approx. 2000-2005) to 90mm, than 85mm and currently in 2022 to 75mm and 80mm widths.

A wider tie generally communicates amore conservative look, often used for professionals whop like to present them self a trustworthy person - as required in many jobs like banker, doctor or lawyer. Regular cut ties often go well with most suits and outfits for this group of professionals.

The younger generation might think they might still look professional (enough with a narrow tie at a bank or other financial institutions. Opinions differ about that, mostly classic Italian tailors and fashion expert would disagree.
The skinny or narrow tie seem a great fit for a event or popular show, to really make a statement, but less classy than the moderate cut necktie!
3. What is the proper width of a necktie?
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