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Nagrani SockVK Nagrani is a high end men's fashion designer from New York, specializing in colorful socks, available in mid calf and over the calf sizes. VK Nagrani socks are high quality, made mostly off fancy cotton blends. Some designs are available in cashmere/ wool blend and alpaca blend socks.

Expect a high-end sock. All cotton blend socks are light/ medium weight (dress socks fit well in fancy dress shoe), the fancy cashmere and alpaca blend are for some trips to cooler places, think winter sport in Aspen are strolling the street in Beverly Hills close to Christmas.

VK Nagrani socks retail for $35 - $40 for cotton blends, made in Italy and Peru. Some fancier wool/ cashmere and alpaca blend VK Nagrani socks run $55 - $95 per pair.

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