Turnbull & Asser

Turnbull & Asser, bespoke men's clothes and accessories, hand made in England. Classic designs, quality menswear.

Turnbull & Asser is a bespoke brand from England specializing in bespoke dress shirts and silk neckties, founded in 1885. Turnbull & Asser, hand made silk ties and dress shirts, made in England. Now shop online for the best selection Turnbull & Asser men clothes.

Ascot  Neckties Turnbull & Asser

Turnbull & Asser Ties

The construction: Formed from three sections – the blade, the gusset and the under end – they are hand-stitched in England by skilled sewers using premium, exclusive silks.

Turnbull & Asser ties are made from Suffolk-woven silk and a wool blend lining, and is stitched together using strongest-ever bonded nylon thread.