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Sevenfold Ties

The sevenfold tie, called "sette pieghe" in Italian, is a luxury men's tie folded seven times. The sevenfold tie is a sartorial piece of neckwear. The seven fold, compared to 3 folds used for a regular cut tie, makes for a thicker and heavier tie. For some sevenfold ties the manufacturer, always made by hand, uses a unlined construction (-wool lining) which results in a more delicate and lighter tie.

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Sevenfold Ties - Cravatte Sette Pieghe

Brands like Kiton and Finamore only produce sevenfold ties (exception: square end knitted ties), other brands like Brioni, Zegna and Tom Ford produced mostly regular cut ties but in some collections also produce some sevenfold designs.

Sevenfold Tie Price

The Brioni sevenfold tie runs at $390 retail plus tax in the USA in 2023. Kiton sevenfold tie pricing just became north of the $300 mark. Brand like Luigi Borrelli, Isaia run in the $265 - $295 range. Some other best brands in the world are the Marinella and Zilli sevenfold ties at approx. $350.

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