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Sartorio Napoli

A true Neapolitan brand. The CEO of Sartorio Napoli, Antonio Paone, cousin of the late Ciro Paone (Kiton CEO for decades), grow up with sartorial tailoring being involved with Kiton from a early age. The Sartorio brand has a blend of immucalate tailoring, tradition al Italian fashion and the "signature" nonchalant Neapolitan elegance.

Sartorio sevenfold ties, hand made in Napoli, Italy:

Sartorio Ties Sartorio


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Sartorio Napoli is an exclusive Neapolitan brand, part of the Kiton family, that carries on the Italian tailoring traditions of the unbeatable Neapolitan style. Sartorio Napoli manufactures exceptional quality garments with fancy materials and close attention to detail for our international clients. Sartorio brings the Neapolitan fashion heritage to the world and respond to the high standards of the successful men of today.

Jeans  Sartorio

The Neapolitan sport jacket is a mixture of nonchalant elegance with a touch of casual and sporting feel, an alchemy that generates an unmatched garment.

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