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How To Tie a Tie


Instructions about how to tie a tie. A necktie can be tied several different ways. The most popular knots for tying a necktie are: Windsor knot, half windsor knot, four in hand, double four in hand and the Pratt knot.

Tie a tie is not that easy the few tries, especially trying to make the knot look sharp. The easy knot is the "simple knot" which many men use. The advantage is that it is easy, the disadvantage of the simple knot is that it often looks inconsistent, having a slightly non symmetric knot. Below are some diagrams/ explanation for several popular good looking tie knots.


How To Tie A Old Bertie Knot

Instructions about how to tie an excellent "Old Bertie" knot:


How To Tie A Double-Four-In-Hand

Instructions about how to tie an excellent "Double-Four-In-Hand" knot:


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