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Gene Meyer was making very unique ties more than a decade ago. Gene Meyer ties became a collectable item for the "contemporary" tie collector. From Tokyo, Seoul, Amsterdam, Sydney to Los Angeles the ties were very popular. Gene Meyer has been making cool socks, area rugs, bow ties and other accessories too. Looking for a cool & colorful tie or socks, and you like Italian made quality: Gene Meyer it is!

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Gene Meyer Socks

Cool socks, geometric, striped and original designs, cotton blend, made in Italy. Gene Meyer socks for men. As Gene Meyer socks are not sold at any stores anymore, they will be a very unique item.

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Gene Meyer ties keep on be added to the web site, popular styles dissapear within days, as both collectors and colorful tie and socks afficioandas pick up the limited quantities new designs.

Gene Meyer Ties

Colorful signature designs, hand made in Italy.

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Gene Meyer Socks

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Gene Meyer socks are made in Italy of a high quality cotton blend: men designer socks. New designs, Gene Meyer socks added, cool geometric prints, nice striped designs:

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The last few years, Gene Meyer has not created any new collections of silk bow ties, neckties, socks and other accessories. Gene Meyer New York is a very unique brand, All socks, bow ties and neckties are made in Italy.


Gene Meyer Ties

Gene Meyer Ties Collection

Jacquard silk ties, hand made in Italy, many geometric, retro and colorful designs: Gene Meyer New York ties for a unique day, a unique look. More Gene Meyer Pictures on Instagram: 


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Gene Meyer Bow Ties

New designs Gene Meyer bow ties added almost weekly. Self tie bow ties, jacquard silk, hand made in Italy.


Pretty much all colors, tons of designs, al signature Gene Meyer New York. More jacquard silk bow ties added in pink, olive, lime, chartreuse, fuchsia and more...

Bow Ties


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Bow Tie Dots

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The first tie collection was launched at Bergdorf Goodman in November 1990. Bergdorf Goodman purchased the entire tie collection and sold out in three weeks. The Gene Meyer tie, bow tie and hankie collection was introduced for the holidays in 1991 at Bergdorf Goodman. The collections, all engineered designs, either printed or woven silk, contained bow ties, neck ties and pocket squares. The Gene Meyer ties have been worn by many celebrities and are favorites of architects and graphic designers.

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