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For some people, the black tuxedo, including cummerbund and bow tie, is always ready somewhere in the back of the cabinet, for that special events, black tie party which might occur a few times a year. As the real Italian quality designer cummerbund and bow tie sets might set you back $350- $650, it might be not a bad idea to just get the cummerbund you need, instead of a set. 

Cummerbund or a Tuxedo Set?

I am the first to say, preferably you buy it as a set, but when you need to match your satin silk black or gray bow with a cummerbund, it might not be perfect but it can get really close, especial on that event where the cocktails flow freely, the lights is slightly dimmed. The main ingredient is, that when cummerbund come available at 80% off retail prices, it might be a good time to pick up one. Tiedeals carries/ has carried Gucci, Valentino and Kiton cummerbund (sets).

Luxury Cummerbunds Made In Italy

Tiedeals picked up some high quality Valentino cummerbunds at a grat price, available in solid black satin, black grosgrain, pink, white, gray and more:

Shop Valentino cummerbunds at 80% off.