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Probably the most solid bet for the $200 and up dress shirt for men: Canali dress shirts. Canali dress shirt are made in Italy, many solid and classic designs in slim fit and modern fit (which was regular fit several years ago). 

Value: Canali does some advertise/ branding, but limited (compared to other Italian brands), the main focus is quality and providing a quality products which a men can use for every day (business) attire for years to come. Many professionals come back for more (Doctors/ Lawyers whom wear a white or light blue shirt daily as the Canali dress shirt is well made and has a great cut, still comfortable but not baggy.

Canali Dress Shirts

Latest Canali dress shirts in modern fit and slim fit.


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Choose the Canali Impeccabile collection shirt when you travel a lot, as the fabrics are easier to maintain, still high end Canali fabrics. 

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