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Why do the Vk Nagrani socks fly of the shelves?

December 12, 2017 1 min read

A pair of socks as a gift has been controversial. Getting one of the most popular high quality socks might make that controversy fade away. The VK Nagrani sock is very well made (in Italy and Peru), using high quality Egyptian cotton and other fancy cotton blends. The Vk Nagrani sock designs are from classic, solid black/ navy/ gray and birds eye/ herringbone in cotton and cashmere blends, to colorful pink/ orange/ green fantasy prints.

Customers come back for another 3 pair of black socks and sometimes a wild other  designs, and where else do you get the socks at these discounted prices?

The Vk Nagrani gift sets are almost sold out: very popular the discounted 3 pair designer socks gift set in gift box, in regular and over the calf designs.


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